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15 Blogs Spotlighting Yard Games that You Can Play During Your 4th of July Party

Summertime parties typically start mid-afternoon and go well into the night, and 4th of July parties are no exception. Since most people have the day off, what better way to spend the holiday than by celebrating with friends? Fireworks are a focal point of the 4th of July holiday, but because they don’t start until the sun goes down you have to have plenty of games ready to play during the day.  From volleyball tournaments to washers’ competitions, there are a variety of outdoor games you and your guests can play this Independence Day.  For more ideas on how to keep the adults and kids busy at your 4th of July bash, read through these 15 blog posts.

Yard Games for Adults

While most adults are fine sitting around talking with each other, yard games make everything more fun. There are many games on the market, like Bocce ball and Croquet that you can set up in one area of the yard.  Or, you can buy or borrow a net to put up between a couple of trees to play Badminton or VolleyballFor more fun game ideas, take a look at these five blog entries.

Kids Yard Games

Many times kids can find things to do outside, like playing tag or hide and seek, but the party might be more fun for them if you have a few games set up especially for them.  Create some giant pick-up sticks and paint them in patriotic colors to tie them into the theme of the party, or buy a ladder golf game that can be set up closer together for the kids to play.  Check out these five blog articles to learn more games that kids can play at your next summer party.

Yard Games for Family

Typically, 4th of July parties are attended by families, and are not entirely comprised of all kids or all adults.  Because of this, it’s a good idea to set out games the whole family can enjoy playing together.  Throwing bean bags at the Cornhole game or playing the new yard game called Rollors are both fun activities for the whole family to enjoyThere are many more family-friendly yard games that can be played at your 4th of July party, which you’ll find in these five blog entries.

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