How to Find Analytics for A Specific Blog Post

Finding analytics for a specific blog post through google analytics is not as difficult as you might think. You might be asked to find analytics for a specific blog post if you are working with brands..

Many times when you are working with a brand, they may want specific data on your post after it has been live for a certain amount of time. You can easily get this information from your google analytics account.  Brands often times request this information as a way to gauge audience reach on the post that you partnered on with them. They can also use it as a determining factor for future sponsored posts.

Simply log into your google analytics account. On the left hand side of the page, you will see “Behavior” listed, click behavior. Then selection “Site Content” followed by “All Pages”

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.51.14 AMNext, find the search box and enter the last portion of the URL to the post you are wanting to find data on. For example if your post URL is:  You could enter “zucchini-corn-cakes-glutenfree/” into the search field.

Google Analytics

If needed you can adjust the date range that you want to see in the upper right hand corner.

Google Analytics Blog Post

Once you have your post URL portion and your date correct you will see your data.

Google Analytics Per Blog Post

As you can see this is a blog post that gets hits on it daily. It has had some days where it has spiked, one day in particular it got over 7K hits in a day. Since then it gets at least 20 a day consistently.  But those constant hits add up to bigger numbers.

Leave me a comment telling me your experience with google analytics.  Do you have any tips or tricks? Have you ever been asked to find analytics for a specific blog post?

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