A Baby Boomer’s “Daily Journal” Is Not A Newspaper

Blogging Ideas for Baby Boomers

Many of us write a daily journal or blog for a variety of reasons; whether it’s to jot down our daily thoughts, vent our frustrations, or even as part of a daily blog.  But we don’t expect it to be headline news nor have a newspaper named after us.

In researching this post, I continually found newspaper articles or newspaper names coming up in the search engines.  But I did not want to write for “The Daily Journal”, a newspaper from whatever town that was ranking highest today.

But I do want to write about daily journaling (blogging) and the advantage of keeping one.  So, all editorials aside, let’s talk about why Baby Boomers might want to keep a journal.

A Personal Way to Express Yourself

When most of us think of journaling, we often think of private thoughts written in a locked notebook that are never intended to see the light of day. There’s nothing wrong with this and, for many of us, this is a great way to:

  • Express ourselves,
  • Maybe vent our frustrations
  • Or even dream of a better life.

It’s also great fun to go pick out a personal note book that will become our new journal of choice.  This is a very personal experience because our very selves will be exposed between the covers so we always tend to choose very carefully.  And it’s always sad when we write on the last page and have to close another journal chapter.

A Journal is a Great Way to Share with Families and Friends…but with Rules!

We previously did this with letters but now, with the advent of the internet and blogs, Baby Boomers are taking advantage of this medium in growing numbers.  Having the ability to write down our thoughts and experiences and immediately “publish” them has become a great way for Boomers to reach those kids and grandkids that have chosen to live so far away.

With the added feature of comment boxes, families and friends can also respond back and let you know they’re thinking and doing.  This is also done via social media with the ability to designate who receives our messages.

However, as with everything public, there are certain rules that shouldn’t be broken:

  • Do not disclose personal information, including where you live, contact information or, of course, banking information.
  • What is in the public domain…is in the public domain, oftentimes for others to read that you had no intention of including
  • Do not defame, coerce, or otherwise ridicule…those always return ten-fold
  • Be respectful and courteous…and tone does come through in your typing

Baby Boomers Can Use Their Daily Journal On Their Money-Making Website

Distinct from a personal journal, a website whose intent is to make money can also be a great way to use your journaling passion.  Whether it’s to:

  • express your opinion
  • share information or a product
  • or do reviews

…a website is a great medium to write regularly and drive traffic to your product.  Learning to write naturally and with your visitor’s experience in mind is, of course, the number one rule should you decide to do this.

If you would like to learn more about creating a website for this reason I invite you to read more here. A daily journal is your opportunity to express yourself for whatever reason. But you will need to decide if you’re going to keep it locked up or hit that “share” button.

How To Find A Niche For A Baby Boomer Blog

Have you decided to create a website but aren’t sure what it will be yet? That’s one of the toughest things to determine given the millions of websites already out there…many of them already targeted at and by Baby Boomers. I want to walk you through a process I recommend and hopefully you will get some ideas.

I start searching Google for the phrase, “how to find a niche”. As you can see, there are suggestions from Google that give some fairly broad recommendations. This gives you an idea of how broad this subject is but also shows how difficult it will be to narrow it down. So let’s pick something that you might be interested in. Let’s use: “travel blogs”, because, after all, what Baby Boomer doesn’t want to travel when the kids have moved out (if they ever do).

As you can see, we are starting to get some suggestions from Google about what they think you are searching for. But I would suggest that is still too broad a term. Now we’re going to start adding letters, but first, this is a simplified version of The Alphabet Soup Technique which you can watch here.

In essence, it’s taking your keyword, what you typed into Google, and adding one letter at a time. For instance, start with “a”, then “b”, then “c”…and so on. This will start to give you some ideas for your niche on traveling. For simplicity sake, I’ve jumped ahead a bit but stopped on the letter “h”. Here’s why: the one about Hawaii looks kind of interesting.

I’ve never been to Hawaii but ever since Elvis’ “Blue Hawaii” movie, I’ve always wanted to go. So let’s go another step further.

How Do I See If That Niche Is Available?

Having decided that my niche will be about travel in Hawaii, and because this website is about Baby Boomers, as is the title, I put 2 and 2 together to come up with: “Boomer Hawaiian Vacations”.  This does a number of things that are important to remember:

  1. It’s easy to remember
  2. Tells you right in the title what the website is about
  3. It also tells you who the website is for

So, our next challenge is to see if it’s available, whether it’s this name or any other that you choose for the site you are researching.  I do know that this one is available, at the time of writing this post anyways, so let’s check out how I did that.  You will need to go to a domain registrar for this part; I am using Go Daddy in this example as it is one of the better known ones.  (Please note that I am not associated with Go Daddy in any way and do not earn a commission.)

You can do a free search but will have to have an account if you want to purchase the site.  Also note the annual cost…which isn’t a lot of money to own your own piece internet real estate.

I’ve typed in “boomer Hawaiian vacations” but you can also make it one word, which is what your website would be, “boomerhawaiianvacations.com”.

…it’s available!  Wow!  You can do this with any niche idea you come up with.  But remember the 3 points above because you will want to be able to write many posts on your website around this niche.  You may want to do some keyword research first before you purchase your website so you know what the traffic and competition are.

If you’re satisfied that there are many posts that you can put up, and there should be a ton of pictures, then go ahead and buy your website.

Did You Find Your Baby Boomer Niche?

There you have it, a proven way to find your website niche. There are so many niches for Baby Boomers that I encourage you to take your time and do your research. This is actually a lot of fun and should become a labor of love. I know I really enjoyed searching for mine and struggled for a few days until I landed on Baby Boomers Learn To Blog.

One final note: when you find your website niche and then the name for your website…you will know it because you will connect with the niche and the name on both an intellectual and emotional level. You are pouring “your-self” into it, after all.

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