I’m a Baby Boomer and I Want to Learn How to Blog!

Is this you?  Are you a Baby Boomer with a desire to learn how to blog, show up on page one of the search engines and maybe even make money?  If you answered yes then I have two things to say to you:

  1. Know what you want to blog about
  2. Have the right resources to be successful

That’s it!  There isn’t anything more important than these two things…well, except for your excitement to get going.  So…let’s go.

What Do You Want to Blog About?

I cover blog ideas and ways to find your niche in other articles on this website.  What I want to discuss here is your passion.  What is that one thing that:

  • Keeps you up at night
  • Causes you to spend a gazillion hours on your hobby
  • What is it that you talk most about with your family and friends

I find it really interesting that when we talk about something that excites us and “turns our crank” we show this in how we behave and how we talk about it.

  • You just have to have that cool new tape measure for your wood-working project to be perfect.
  • Only a certain style and color of pen will help you write that best seller.
  • You must have the correct pedometer to truly be successful with your new walking regime

And this excitement should translate into what you will be blogging about.  There is no question about it, when you stick to your passion you have a few things to say about it.  And people want to hear what you have to say through your blog because they will read between the lines and see your passion and excitement for your topic.  And that is contagious and will bring them back to check out your next post, maybe even sign up on your email subscription form.

You Need the Right Resources

In case you didn’t know, to be successful online (however you define that) you need to have the right training and support available to you.  This means that you need to join an online community that provides these things and honestly have your best interest at heart.

How often have you heard, “we don’t succeed if you don’t succeed”.  Well, maybe there is something to that but I say “hogwash”.  For the most part those who say these things are already succeeding online…and I mean they are already bringing in the cash.  Maybe because you have to pay a monthly fee or maybe because they are already successful with their online business.  But I can pretty much guarantee you that their success is not dependent on yours.

So you need to join an online community that gives you the training and support that:

  • Is easy to follow and makes sense
  • Teaches you from start to…well, there isn’t any “finish” online because you are always building your website
  • Provides timely (usually within 24 hours) support to your questions…when you need an answer right now.  Maybe this is done through an online chat or forum but really, when you have a question, you are looking for an answer NOW!

But as far as I’m concerned, the number one reason that you need to join the right online community is that:

And sometimes this includes telling you to quit putting it off and “chatting” and get out there and get to work.  These people will not write your articles, send you great pictures, or even keep checking your site to give you a boost.  They do need to understand that sometimes you won’t be around because you are working on your blog and putting into practice those things that you have been taught.

Passion Will Keep You Going!

There is no doubt about it, when you’re tired, wondering if any of this online stuff works, or your even ready to throw in the towel…when it comes right down to it, only your passion for what you are blogging about will create that successful blog that you first envisioned for yourself.

And it is that passion that will also guarantee that you will be found by the search engines and maybe even make it to page 1.

And how do I know this?

Because I am just like you and wanted to create a website that was fun, informative…and searched for (“maybe even make a few bucks”, he says with a grin).  And there have been times that I was ready to chuck it in, move on to something else and maybe even go find a part-time job because the online income was such a slight trickle.

And when I’m like that I look at my website and ask, “what are you doing to me you online time-thief?”  Then, after a few moments of staring at this monster:

  • I come up with an idea for a title
  • I tickle out an outline
  • And before I know it I whip up another article and think…”Post it”

That’s because I know inside myself that I have more to say about my niche and am willing to take the chance that someone else will want to read it.  That’s my passion…my creative muse…the thrill I feel as I’m typing and can’t keep up to my thoughts.

Nothing will get you through like your passion and the belief you have in yourself that you have something significant to say that others ought to be reading.  I do not attribute that to arrogance or a misconception of any narcissistic tendencies.

For Baby Boomers

As a Baby Boomer, I know that I have many life thoughts, values, and experiences that are important and should be shared.  As with any of the “generations” that our society has labeled I am a firm believer in sharing our knowledge and experiences with one another so that we learn and grow.  Maybe we’ll frustrate each other a little bit but that’s fine…I’ll read your blog if you read mine.  LOL

Final Thoughts

If you are a Baby Boomer looking to start a blog or already have one I want to leave you with this parting thought:

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