4th of July Recipes

24 Best Blogs Spotlighting Red, White and Blue Recipes for 4th of July

One of the highlights of the summer is the celebration of America’s Independence Day. July 4th offers families and friends an opportunity to get together all across the country and enjoy sharing food and fun while celebrating our independence as a nation. It’s not unusual to pay tribute to the day by incorporating red, white and blue into a 4th of July party’s food and decorations. If you are looking for some patriotic dishes to fix for this year’s celebration, look no further.  These 24 blog entries feature salads, desserts and special drinks to send your party over the top.


Salads are an easy option for summer picnics or celebrations, and there are several different varieties of salads you can create that incorporate a red, white and blue theme. These eight blog posts offer you several different recipes that have a patriotic twist, and cover everything from coleslaw to fruit salad.


Food coloring makes it easy to transform a standard dessert recipe into a red, white and blue masterpiece, and you can use it in everything from cookie dough to cake batter. You also can use red, white and blue-colored fruits for a delightful and refreshing dessert salad. Take a look at these eight blog posts for dessert inspiration for your next 4th of July celebration.


Did you know that you can layer liquid much like you would layer a cake?  Without getting too far into the science behind this, the basic premise is that the more sugar a liquid has the heavier it is. Having red, white and blue drinks is a fun twist to normal party refreshments, and these eight blog entries are full of patriotic drink ideas.

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