Blogger Head Shot – why your blogger head shot is important

Having a headshot that you consistently use across all social media and your website is important!

Having a consistent picture in your social media profiles makes your brand recognizable.

Hey there beautiful! Yeah, you! The one with the pretty face! Yes, I am talking to you! The blogger, right there behind that computer screen!

If you are a blogger, you probably have a slew of social media accounts. I mean your picture is probably everywhere. But, is it the same picture? Are you consistent in the picture that you are sharing?

Having a headshot that you consistently use across all social media websites, including pictures on your own website is important. Consistently is always good.

Having the same picture will help fans to recognize you quickly. Brands will recognize you. The more your readers and brands see your face the more familiar you will become.

I can’t even count the number of times I have talked with or met with brands and they commented on my picture. They often tell me that they feel like they know me, though we haven’t met. The brands have expressed the importance of being able to quickly recognize a blogger in social media because of a consistent picture. I have even had brands come up to me at shows and know who I am before I introduce myself. They recognize the blonde curly hair.

Your picture also makes your social media handles more personal. You might have your logo, instead of a picture. Change it. Brands need to see your face! You logo and be there too, but your face needs to be prominent.

So we’ve decided, you need a head shot. But do not let that scare you. I am not necessarily talking a professional photo shoot. But hey, if you like that idea…go for it! We are simply looking for a GOOD picture of you and only you. Not you and your sweet dog. Believe me, I know its tempting…I have a pretty awesome dog too! (#GiaTheDog check out her hashtag on instagram) Okay, let’s back up. If you are blogging about you AND your dog, then your dog can be in the headshot too. Now my good friend has a super fun head shot that includes her and her daughter (Little Miss) making a super silly face. This works for her and her blog. She blogs about those super cute kid lunches that you dream of making. So for her and her blog, it is appropriate. (and totally adorable!)

Have a friend or your spouse take a picture of you in good light with a plain back drop. Maybe you even have a friend with a fancy camera that can take and edit your picture for you. Regardless, getting a good picture is not hard. Get the best one you can and get it up. It’s better to have consistency first, then you can work on getting a professional one later.

Have a business card? If not, we will talk about the importance of those later! But if you do, your card should have your picture on it. This is not something I realized until recently.

The take home:

  1. Get a good picture
  2. Put it on all your social media channels
  3. Put it on your website

Let’s Talk! Leave me a comment telling me about your headshot experience. Do you have one? Do you use it across your social media channels or on your business card? Have you gotten any feedback about your headshot?

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