Using Your Time Wisely As A Blogger

They say that time is money, right? Using your time wisely as a blogger should be one of your top priorities.

It is true, time is money. As a blogger there is an endless list of tasks that need to be completed.  Researching, writing, scheduling social media, responding to social media, interacting with readers, promoting fellow bloggers, reading your email, responding to email, reaching out to brands, completing work for brands, etc

Honestly the list goes on and on. There are simply not enough hours in the day.  Using your time wisely as a blogger, should be one of your top priorities. While my schedule is not perfect, I am working to reign my work time back in.  I want to work more efficiently and be able to enjoy my family.

Here are some tips that I use that helps me with my time management:

Set office hours

This is one of the best pieces of advice I have been given.  To me, this was an adjustment and still a work in progress for me.  But now that we are back into the school year my routine is more consistent.  I set the times that I want to work and get my work done within those.

Allot a timeframe for email

This tip has been particularly useful for me. I could spend all day answering emails. Then I see another email come through (via my phone) and I log in to read it. This constant on/off is not a good use of time. Give yourself an “hour” a day to answer email. When that hour is up, move onto your next task.  Of course, depending on the number of emails you get, you can adjust your time to fit your needs. Answer the emails in the order they come into your box, so emails don’t get missed.  Emails that are urgent are typically marked as so by the sender, so you can identify those quickly and answer those out of order if needed. I probably spend about two hours daily M-F going through my email. I have cut this down significantly now that I am focusing on one task at a time.

Disable the “Push” notifications on your smart phone

While push notifications can be beneficial during your “office hours” it is not beneficial during your non-office hours.  If you are like me, you do not need to spend more time on your smart phone. This is often what happens to me…I am walking through the kitchen, I glance at my phone and I see a twitter notification come through. Then I stop what I am doing (remember this is non-office hour time) and I log into twitter. I respond to the notification, then I end up reading more notifications and before I know it I have spent a 1/2 hour on there. As a blogger, I feel that we are not needed 24/7.  Our readers do not need instant access to us.  More than likely, you will check your social media a couple of times within your office hours and all notifications will be handled within 24 hours.  I like the 24 hour rule.

Schedule Social Media Scheduling

Phew, that is a mouth full.  By this, I mean schedule when you are going to respond or schedule to social media.  For example, another sweet friend M shared one of the best tips for managing Twitter.  She shared this tip with me several years ago and it has worked great.  Twitter can be pretty easy to manage. If you are new to the Twitter world or are trying to raise your game in the Twitter world, schedule in 10 minutes at the beginning and end of the day to log into Twitter.  Use this time to respond to notifications, retweet fellow bloggers tweets, etc  Additionally, you can use the buffer app to buffer your tweets so they don’t all go out at once.

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