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Although we prefer and promote the use of self-hosted WordPress, Blogger is an excellent platform if you are a beginner blogger. Google is a highly respectable and reputable company and it’s always good to “stay with who you know”. I did find that the immediate support needed is not always available or, if it is, it would take too long to find your answers in their forum. For someone just starting out and needing a response now, this is not always useful.

  • Product: Google Blogger
  • Website:
  • Owner: Google
  • Cost: Free
  • Score:  7 Out of 10.  Read Why!


Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

Intent of Product

The intent of Google Blogger is to give users the ability to blog as simply and effectively as possible; essentially to “share your thoughts with the world”.


  1. How To Articles and Guides
  2. Videos; i.e. “How to Create a Blog with Blogger”, how to publish, create pages, etc.
  3. Articles to monetize and get traffic to your blog


  1. Help area, discussion and videos found both on Google  and YouTube
  2. Blogger help forum
  3. Blogger Product Forum to allow discussion with “Google Guides”
  4. Known Issues for recently reported problems
  5. “Fix an Issue” topics
  6. Ability to “Post a Question” in the following categories:
    1. “How Do I”
    2. “Something is Broken”
    3. “Layouts & Templates”
    4. “Feature Suggestions & Feedback”
    5. “The Coffee Shop”


  1. One ID allows for a “single digital identity across the web”.  This includes your gmail, followers, comments, etc.
  2. Designed to be simple and allow “newbies” the ability to get blogging immediately once the site setup is complete.
  3. Compatible with a Google account; i.e. Google +, gmail, Adsense
  4. Easy to follow other Blogger blogs that you’ve selected to follow
  5. Setup and adding posts are straightforward.  Including videos and links can also be added from the dashboard.
  6. Ability to add “gadgets” such as stats, RSS, Adsense, etc
  7. Allows social networking right from the post
  8. Drafts are automatically saved as you work on them.
  9. Will host domain names that you own


  1. Must have a Google account and gmail
  2. Blogger is a subdomain which will end with “”.  I.e. “”
  3. Discussion forums may be overwhelming and subjects are not broken out for ease of finding relevant help.

My Recommendation

Blogger is an easy-to-use platform for beginner bloggers.  The getting started training is very useful and will allow new users to get up and running fairly quickly.  Being a product of the number one search engine is also advantageous as it is easy to connect with whatever other services Google offers, particularly if you want to monetize your blog.

I personally have one Blogger site and always found it very easy to use and post new content.  I was able to add pictures and videos plus could view my blog from my mobile phone.  However, I no longer use this blog and am thinking of deleting it for two reasons:

  1. My blogging niche has changed
  2. I’ve found better support with WordPress

Do you have a blog with Google Blogger? Let me know what your experience has been. Thanks for reading.

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