To determine the rankings, we assigned a score of up to 25 points each for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, for a total of 100 possible points. For each type of statistic (Facebook likes, Pinterest pins, etc.), scores were determined by pro-rating the points so that the #1 stat in each section got the most points, #2 a little bit less, and so on. The subtotals for each platform were then added to get the score for that platform.

Breakdown by Platform

While gathering data for this list, we had the daunting task of analyzing thousands of mom bloggers. Most of the ones in the top had a presence on four social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. For this reason, we focused our attention solely on those and split the scoring evenly among them. Further we encourage you to visit the links to their social media platforms which is why we offer direct links to those.


For Facebook, we used the number of likes and the number of people talking about the page. The likes score indicates the number of followers while the talking about score gives an indication of how engaged those followers are. 60% of the Facebook score came from likes and 40% from talking about.


For Twitter, we used the number of followers and the number of tweets. The number of followers tells us how popular the account is while the number of tweets is an indicator of how active the account has been. Followers accounted for 90% of the score, while tweets made up 10%.


For Pinterest, we used the number of boards, pins, and followers. Followers were worth 90% of the score, and boards and pins were each worth 5%.


For Instagram, we used the number of followers and the number of posts.  The number of followers indicates popularity while the number of posts (photos) indicates activity. Followers were worth 95% of the score and posts were worth 5%.

Fair Use

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