Scheduling Social Media – A calendar for success

Planning your social media scheduling in advance can help free up your blogging time to do more important tasks.

Scheduling social media is super important. Using your time wisely, is also super important. Scheduling your social media in bursts is very effective.

I am a planner, I like to plan FAR in advance. It is just the kind of person I am. Call it what you want. A little type A, maybe? Many people like to sit down and plan their social media for the week, not me. I like to plan far in advance. Each new recipe post that I write, I plan its social media for the next three years.

I know, I know…it sounds crazy. You head me right, three years. It literally takes me two minutes. I use Co-Schedule. I’ve shared about it before and it is truly a blessing. You could easily do the same thing in HootSuite.

Why Co-Schedule is THE Best…

I like that Co-Schedule is right in my post, in my WordPress dashboard. I can conveniently schedule social media touts on any Facebook groups I am an admin of, my business Facebook page, my personal Facebook page, google+ page, linkedIN and twitter.

I also like that within Co-Schedule it will select a time within the time range I selected. For example, if I selected 3 items to be posted between 8-11 AM Co-Schedule will make sure that the items are not all posted at the same time. It will spread them out. It will also spread them out between the different social media channels. So if I select it to post the same link/picture to Facebook, google and linkedIN it will space those out in the time frame I choose. So they won’t call be posted at 8:24. They will all be posted at different times between that 8-11AM range I selected. I like that it doesn’t blast all my channels at the same time. That can be done with HootSuite, but manually.

Wondering what my crazy schedule looks like? Take a peak…

  1. Day of post: Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweet
  2. Day after: Tweet
  3. Week after: Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweet
  4. Month after: Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweet
  5. 91 days after: Tweet
  6. 183 days after: Tweet
  7. 274 days after: Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweet
  8. 365 days after: Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweet
  9. 456 days after: Tweet
  10. 547 days after: Tweet
  11. 638 days after: Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweet
  12. 730 days after: Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweet
  13. 820 days after: Tweet
  14. 913 days after: Tweet
  15. 1002: Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweet
  16. 1095: Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweet

If I have a recipe that is appropriate for certain times of the year then I do additional scheduling at the time of its initial post. So if I am posting a recipe for Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes around Thanksgiving, I am sure to scheduling extra social media (on top of what I already listed above) since people are looking for recipes like that around Thanksgiving. I might also give it some extra scheduling love looking ahead to Christmas and Easter dinner times. Scheduling it then, means you don’t have to go back and try to remember to schedule it later.

Plan ahead, plan smart with your social media scheduling!

Let’s talk! How do you manage your scheduling? Do you sit down each week to schedule? Schedule in clumps? What advice do you have about scheduling?

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