We Are Revolutionizing Content Marketing

Native advertising. Influence marketing. Social outreach. Whatever the framework or goal, we create outstanding, authentic, user-generated content for your brand. We tap the power of our network of social influencers to amplify your brand’s message. We do it across platforms. We do it at scale. And we do it really well.

Our Products & Services

Brands that engage social influencers across social channels build trust…and gain customers. But you can’t fake trust. Our unique suite of products connect brands with our vetted, influential content producers and the results are proven.

Blogger Engagement Programs

At our core, Special Moms is a network of savvy bloggers. From blog tours to house parties, we offer extensive, targeted, and scalable outreach programs that are creative and effective.

Special Moms Blogger Engagement programs work because we engage the right bloggers with the right message. Our bloggers create real, useful, and compelling content. Blog posts are informational and aspirational (even when about toilet paper!). Best of all, we guarantee quality editorial, images, and amplification from members AND guarantee improved discoverability, reach, and audience for client brands.

Blogger Product Reviews & Sponsored Content Series (“Blog Tours”)

Engaging bloggers to review a product or service, or even simply write posts in support of brand messaging, is a straightforward and effective way to increase brand awareness among target demographics. Special Moms bloggers are carefully selected for each campaign based on niche, influence, audience, and even brand enthusiasm.

In-Home Events / House Parties

Imagine influential bloggers hosting parties in their homes across the country just to try out, play with, or even celebrate your product. Special Moms house parties are fun for everyone, and a unique way to reach bloggers and non-bloggers at the same time.

Brand Event Attendance & Review Programs

Working with Special Moms guarantees your brand event will be well-attended and well-promoted across social channels. From photos to blog posts, FB sharing and real-time Tweets, including bloggers in brand events (or hosting brand events just for bloggers) is far more effective and far-reaching than with traditional media alone.

Branded Community or Ambassador Programs

Special Moms offers several programs for brands that truly want to develop long-term relationships with target bloggers, or companies who simply want a “go-to” group of brand-friendly influencers at the ready. Our “brand champion” programs identify bloggers who are eager and excited to represent brands across social channels on an ongoing basis.

Visual Storytelling Programs

Increasingly, compelling content means visual content…which is why Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube are the future of influencer and content marketing. Special Moms offers programs that leverage these platforms and visual tools that make campaigns come to life.

Special Moms members are active on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Using these media to lead or enhance your campaign results in stunning, user-generated visual content that’s easily shareable, that increases campaign traffic, and that organically supports brand messaging.

  • Instagram – Photo prompts, designated hashtags, contests, and round-ups are a great way to engage users where they’re already producing gorgeous content.
  • Pinterest – If you’ve got a photo-worthy brand or product that speaks to fantastic lifestyle shots, sponsoring Pinterest boards or hosting “Pin It” Contests boost brand engagement and get noticed on Pinterest.
  • YouTube – YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and over 100 million users take social action on videos each week. By supplementing (or even focusing) your outreach campaign on vloggers, brands can extend their reach and make product reviews come to life.

Twitter Engagement Programs

Special Moms Twitter Parties are well known in the “Twittersphere” for their fun topics, quality sponsorships, high levels of engagement, and best-in-class branded platform. Anyone can have a conversation on Twitter, but Special Moms guarantees results.

We have 5 notable differentiators when it comes to hosting Twitter Parties:

  1. We offer branded promotion before, during, and after our events.
  2. We measure everything we do and offer robust reporting.
  3. Our established network is excited for our events, and we guarantee participation. Our party hashtags often trend nationwide!
  4. Our behind-the-scenes team has been running Twitter parties for almost four years; we are experts at developing engaging scripts and executing flawless events.
  5. We offer brands an exclusive, branded environment from which the public can participate.

Flexible Add-Ons

Special Moms members build content anywhere. Brands aren’t limited to content on bloggers’ sites, because Special Moms bloggers can syndicate — or create original — content on brand pages, microsites, review sites, and anywhere else content is needed.