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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, heading away from home can be stressful.  With regulations on everything from how heavy your suitcase can be to what you can and can bring past security, it is more important than ever to pack wisely and show up prepared. Before you head out on your next adventure, consider these savvy traveler tips.

Packing Secrets

One of the most important things you can do when traveling is check your airline’s regulations regarding the weight of your suitcase. You also need to make sure that your carry-on luggage is regulation size; otherwise, you risk it not fitting in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you. Before you begin throwing things in your suitcase, check out these tips for smart packing.

Traveling with a Baby

Traveling with an infant doesn’t have to be stressful, provided you’re well prepared. Dress your baby in layers so that he won’t be too cold or too hot on the plane. Make sure to bring enough diapers, clothes and food for at least a day because you never know what kind of delays you may encounter. It’s important to have enough supplies on hand. Check out these 10 blogs to gain helpful tips from seasoned family travelers.

Activities to Keep Kids Busy on a Plane

It can be difficult to travel with toddlers and older kids because they’re more likely to get bored and want to move around. Allow each child to carry on his own backpack or bag containing snacks, toys and a change of clothes to keep him busy on the plane. Bring along electronic devices and allow your child to watch as many cartoons as he wants; now is not the time to fight against screen time. More ideas for what to bring along on the plane can be found in these 10 blog posts.                                          

Quick Touch-Ups to Freshen Your Make-Up after Traveling

If you are traveling for work and need to look your best after getting off of a long flight, there are certain tricks you can use to look put together and refreshed. The humidity level in planes is very low, so your skin will dry out if you aren’t prepared. Start your day by moisturizing your whole body after your shower in anticipation of your flight. Pack a small bag with essentials that will allow you to touch up your make-up once you arrive at your destination. Eye drops can make your eyes look bright and refreshed instead of tired and blood shot. Read about why it’s a good idea to skip wearing make-up during a long flight along with other make-up tips in these 10 blog entries.

Apps to Help You While Traveling

In this age of smart phones you are literally carrying a miniature computer around with you at all times. Why not take advantage of that technology by downloading some useful apps before taking your trip? There are apps to help you keep track of your flight, apps to find restaurants once you reach your destination and apps to keep the kids occupied during travel. Take a look at these suggested travel apps and see which ones you might like to download before your next trip.                                 

Safety Tips to Remember While Traveling

Your safety should be your number one priority when you travel. Make sure that someone knows where you are and what your plans are throughout your trip. Check in with family at set times so that someone can alert the appropriate people in the event that you miss a check-in. Travel with a group whenever possible. Blend in with the locals so you aren’t painting a target on your back for thieves. If you do encounter someone who threatens you for your money, just give it to him. More tips for staying safe while traveling can be found in these blogs.

What to Do if Your Luggage is Lost

Airlines have improved their technology when it comes to keeping track of your luggage, but there are times when a bag just won’t make it to its destination. If you do end up losing your luggage, you’ll want to report that it’s missing as soon as possible. The sooner the airline knows that your luggage is missing, the faster they’ll be able to find it. In the event that your suitcase is lost or damaged, you will need to have a list of what was in your suitcase to file a claim. Keep in mind that most of the time the luggage is found and delivered to the passenger within a day. These 10 blogs will detail other options that you may have if your luggage is lost.

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