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25 Best Eco-Friendly Mom Bloggers & Websites To Follow

Are you an eco-friendly mom? We’re searching for moms who passionately blog about repurposing, gardening, organic eating, recycling, and all things green!

Natureal Mom

Voted #2 Eco-Friendly Mom in 2012. A lifestyle blog with a conscious approach to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting, non-toxic & eco-friendly living, holistic health & wellness, organic plant-based recipes, DIY projects & more! Our toddler loves Teenie Greenies lift-the-flap board books by Jan Gerardi. There are four books in the series: Eco People on the Go, The Little Composter, The Little Gardener and The Little Recycler. The books themselves are printed on 80% recycled paper with soy ink and water-based varnish.  Nourishing, healthy and organic foods are a daily part of life for our family. Our little one is vegan and regularly eats snacks such as quinoa with cashew cheese, brown rice and sea vegetables with tamari, apples with almond butter and veggies dipped in guacamole or hummus. Occasionally we indulge in a special treats or snacks. His all-time favorite is cobbler. We use fresh seasonal fruits like peaches, apples and blueberries. Blueberry Cobbler recipe ~


I’m a mom of two girls (Leila and Althea) on a mission to de-toxify my family’s life. I cover everything from non-toxic beauty, fresh food recipes, and cloth diapering. My goal is to live a greener life in an approachable way. I’m not the craftiest of moms, but I love using food boxes or containers and adding them to my daughter’s play kitchen. I’m a serious foodie, and the most beautiful French Macaron box is where my daughter’s “baking goods” are kept! It also teaches her about organization! The favorite healthy snack in our house is fruit. I either give my daughter a piece of fruit OR I change it up by making a smoothie with some frozen fruits. You can stop by a place like Trader Joe’s a get a bunch of organic frozen fruits and make a new combination of smoothies every day! I also can sneak in frozen kale and other greens and make it delicious!


Cloth Diapering, Natural living, Baby wearing, Homeschooling and more. Grow It, Cook It by Deborah Lock in which your kids get to learn about how to get their food from “the beginning” and of course “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. I love using old cardboard paper towel rolls to make various craft items for the kids like bird feeders,cars,toys..etc..the sky’s the limit. I also love re-purposing clothing into new items, like old shirts into skirts, knee high socks into leggings and so on. I can’t sew but with a little bit of stitching here and there you can get some neat products.

Attached Moms

A family’s attempt to learn better, do better each day. From eco-friendly options while living in India to maintaining a connection with their American “heritage” it is a daily struggle of love and learning. Up-cycling, recycling, repurposing – all such great ways to save “things” from entering the landfill and really help show the next generation just how savvy you are. We recently started making a village using the plastic containers that grapes come in. We can decorate them, cut out door spots and continually build the village. You can keep scrap paper/cuttings to help with the decoration as well. Keep a small box or bag of scrap paper to keep the organization alive.

The Vagabond Studio

The Vagabond Studio is an eco-friendly lifestyle blog aimed at inspiring others to live sustainably, creatively, and peacefully. Reduce waste and reuse as often as possible! Getting rid of anything disposable would be a great first step, and was one of the first big steps my household made. First, we got rid of paper towels, napkins, plates, and silverware – we use cloth everything, and all of our cleaning cloths are made from repurposed old t-shirts! Most of our household uses family cloth instead of toilet paper as well, but that’s not something I enforce as I don’t want to leave a bad vibe regarding eco-friendliness on an unwilling husband or children. After getting rid of the obvious, start looking for other things you can stop wasting. For example, purchase an eco-friendly water bottle and refill it with your choice of beverage instead of buying it in small plastic bottles . Use Pinterest and your own creative juices to reuse or perk up old household items instead of purchasing new ones. The key, in our house, is to not buy as much stuff that can be tossed and don’t toss as much stuff that can be reused. We reduce and reuse just about everything we can get our hands on!

DIY Inspired

DIYInspired is a one stop resource containing tips and ideas for parties, home decorating, repurposing, including step-by-step photo tutorials for craft and do-it-yourself projects. DIYInspired promotes repurposing through. One of the most recent crafts I did with my daughter and two of her friends was making necklaces out of straws, yarn, and card stock. We cut “beads” out of decorative paper using craft punches and half inch pieces of straw. It’s the perfect activity for toddlers to help with fine motor skills. One of my daughter’s favorite books is called “Me and My Bag”. It’s about taking your recycled bag to the store and saying no to paper and plastic. It even comes with a mini bag for her. My daughter loves fruit, vegetables, and cheese. Her favorite fruits are strawberries, oranges, and blueberries. She also loves steamed broccoli at lunch or dinner time.

The original one-stop parent safety website. SafeMama focuses on providing up to date information on the issues we face as parents, provides cheat sheets for easy shopping and reference, and includes reviews of products that help us.  If I can save one mother or father an hour of valuable time and provide them a space to get informed, figure out what to buy, or not to buy, without having to go from site to site to site looking for answers… then I’ll sleep better tonight.

Nature’s Nurture

Nature’s Nurture – a blog about everything simple, natural, and homemade. It’s a place to document the changes our family is making to slowly convert our home into a more natural, sustainable, toxin-free environment. My son LOVES anything repurposed – probably more than actual toys! Pots and pans paired with wooden spoons are always great noise makers, empty paper towel rolls make great “telescopes” and “megaphones”, and he loves pouring and sorting beans into empty egg cartons. We’ve also made homemade rattles by filling up small plastic water bottles with beans, rice, or rocks. We use empty egg cartons to mix paint colors, and he loves putting pipe cleaners into the holes of a colander (toothpicks into a parmesan cheese shaker works well also!). My son loves snacking on nuts, seeds, and carrot sticks. He’s also not a stranger to the old PB&J; sandwich, except his is on gluten-free bread and we use sunflower seed butter instead, because of his allergies. Homemade stove-top popcorn and homemade rice crispy treats are also a big hit. We make rice crispy treats with tahini instead of marshmallows and use raw honey instead of sugar.

Accidentally Green

Hilary Kimes Bernstein helps readers learn about healthy choices that honor God and happen to help the environment through Accidentally Green. A few fun ways I’ve reused and repurposed household items into toys is by: Washing emptied screw top containers for a matching game. My young children have fun playing with a variety of emptied bottles; they try to find the matching lids and screw on the tops. Using emptied squirtable condiment bottles for outdoor water play. I save emptied toilet paper rolls for a variety of crafts, and I’ve found that paper egg cartons can be used in crafts, sorting games, or to start vegetable and herb seeds with your children.

Measuring Flower

Measuring Flower is a blog all about real food and green living! Since there are a couple of medications that my husband has to be on now (though I’m working towards treating his troubles with nutrition), we often have a lot of empty medicine bottles to either reuse or throw away. I’ve found these empty medicine bottles to be handy for holding paint for my son to use, to store homemade sprinkles for when we decorate cookies, and to wrangle together any kind of small toys or art objects. They’re also good for storing spices. A few of the things we enjoy are fresh fruits, homemade yogurt, homemade Larabars, applesauce, anything with peanut butter, and homemade real food fish crackers

Biting the Hand That Feeds You

In an effort to reduce waste (and the expense of more little baggies!) this mama started packing lunches in reusable eco-friendly containers – and with a little creativity, is making a more natural, artificial-additive-free diet FUN! Despite my complete lack of cooking skills and innate laziness and impatience, I’ve decided to try and cook (from actual recipes!!) and make healthier meals for us. Since I don’t really know what I’m doing and I suck at following directions (and rarely have all the ingredients on-hand anyways,) I usually just end up faking it. And often failing.

Creative Green Living

On a mission to teach moms that organic living can be thrifty, tasty and fun! Carissa blogs about eco-friendly crafts, DIY, recipes, organic living and green parenting. My son loves coloring or painting on unique canvases. We save anything with blank space – especially cardboard or packing paper to be colored on. He also loves turning things into bugs. An old egg carton can become a caterpillar or the lid of an old jar can become a ladybug.

Crafty Garden Mama

On Crafty Garden Mama, Becky Elmuccio shares her tips on organic gardening, environmental issues and simple living. She also reviews eco-friendly home items and eco-friendly kids’ gear, toys, and clothing. One of our favorite things to do last winter was to take the many catalogs that were arriving and use them for collages. We sorted by type of animal, color and size. We are big fans of eating foods in season, so roasted root vegetables are a great way to get kids interested in vegetables. The roasting makes them sweet and the colors are so much fun to mix together. Red beets mixed with orange sweet potatoes and yellow rutabaga. Yum! This is great to make a big batch and keep it handy in the fridge.


Working Mom of two kids under the age of 4 giving everyone tips on how you can live a greener and healthy life. There are tons of children’s books that teach kids about the environment like The Lorax and Why We Recycle (two favorites in our house) but there are tons of environmental lessons in other books. For example, Blueberries for Sal, a children’s book classic has Sal and her mom going out to get berries to can for winter. They even use a stainless steel pail to collect them in. Even books with even less obvious environmental themes can be used for lessons. Are there characters wasting and throwing things away rather than recycling? Are there they enjoying the outdoors and the plants and animals that live there? I even point out in stories when they are using reusable bags in the illustration. I think it is important to show kids that being eco-friendly is a part of life and showing that to them in books that are not just about the environment really drive the point home.

The Hippy Homemaker

After years of pain, poor health, surgeries, and narcolepsy, I had had enough and changed my family’s lifestyle to a more HIPPY way of living. I write about green living, natural health, vegetarian/vegan cooking, and diy projects. We like to make our art supplies out of things that we already have around the house. I have always felt like the stench that comes from kid’s paint, has GOT to mean it is not as “non-toxic” as they claim, so I came up with a really GREAT paint recipe using normal household ingredients! We also love to make sock puppets, bean bags, musical instruments, and so much more out of household materials! We are vegetarians in our house so our snacks usually entail vegetables and fruits! Our favorite snack to eat though are these avocado salsa stuffed potatoes skins! I will make a whole batch and we’ll both sit there and eat the whole tray! It’s also where both of us learn how to share 😉

Mama Making Changes

MMC follows one mom’s journey to move her family toward a greener, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Full of info and lessons learned along the way, challenges, real food recipes, giveaways, and more!

Raising Green Richmond Kids

Raising Green Richmond Kids is committed to helping parents raise eco-smart children by teaching them more positive ways to cook, garden, clean, make crafts, and explore the world around them. toilet paper rolls and egg cartons can be made into so many different art projects. we always keep a stash for a rainy day. Having a box of scraps of fabrics, feathers, lids, etc. is a great way to have some extra supplies that can be used any time. I have many repurposed craft projects on my blog like CD dreamcatchers, milk jug whales, toilet paper roll trees, egg crate animals, bubble wrap trees, puzzle piece wreaths and much more. my children love to dip veggies into yummy dips like ranch dressing, peanut butter, curry dip.


a blog about all things earthy and birthy in the life of one slighly nomadic family, regularly posts about involving kids in zero waste lifestyle, earth friendly projects, cooking and healthy choices.  I don’t do a lot of planned crafts but I think ingenuity is one of my strong skills. I can usually come up with something off the top of my head so I find that to be the most fun. Most of the time I leave the ideas for repurposing up to her. Her little imagination comes up with things I never would. One of our longest lasting repurposing was our old paintbrushes. Instead of pitching them I handed them over to my girl. On sunny days she’ll take them out with water and “paint” designs. She loves to watch them evaporate and then paint all new ones again.  I think the first step in building the desire to lead an earth conscious life is to start by loving nature and the outdoors. Children won’t care about the earth if they don’t spend any time exploring the wonders of the great wild. I love books that involve adventures in nature. Anything by Elsa Beskow is great but Sybille Von Olfers is my favorite. We read The Story of the Root Children every year for the first day of spring and the root children leave my daughter seeds and spring themed surprises. I found a print from that book at a thrift store when I was expecting my daughter so Sybille has provided much nature wonder and education to our lives over the years.

19., Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, oh my! is your resource for detailed cloth diaper reviews, along with other green and eco-friendly products. I look at everything through the eye of repurposing! I’m also an anti-hoarder who loves to throw things out, which can be a conundrum. I always save really pretty wrapping paper, bows etc. and even pictures from cards, for future crafts. I love making homemade yogurt and I generally make everything from scratch I can (pancakes, muffins, cakes, bread) substituting whole wheat flour for up to half of the all purpose flour.

20. Cloth Diaper Geek

Totally geeky about cloth diapering and it benefits for our babies and environment. Passionate about eco-friendly activities, natural foods, love and life. I blog about everything from natural rash remedies to raising chickens! You can turn any piece of scrap wood, old lamp, jewelry box or milk jug into a canvas for your child to paint on. Use them to make a sign for your child’s room or one for the garden, gift for the grandparents or colorful containers for storing toys. I also love to use old Scrabble letter tiles to glue on. These give a nice collage look to any project and make personalization fun and easy. Nail polish art is also cool. We recently took some empty glass bottles out of our recycling and used nail polish to paint and decorate them. It’s quick and easy and each color has a built in brush so that makes it really convenient. Just don’t forget about the fumes, make sure you have a fan on or window open.

Mamabelly’s Lunches With Love

I am a Military Wife and Mom of four trying to make healthy and fun lunches while surviving the daily chaos. Coffee lover, bento enthusiast and always looking to learn more. My kids love playing with water and a big tub of water with cups, plastic containers, spoons, ladles and strainers can entertain them all afternoon. We love both Wall-E and The Lorax and both teach kids to take better care of our planet. We also love Charlie & Lola: We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers and the It’s Earth Day Book from Mercer Mayer. My kids love dip so hummus with pita bread, carrots & celery sticks with either ranch dressing or peanut butter and apples with yogurt dip are high on our snack list.

I Thought I Knew Mama

A window into the adventures of stay at home mamahood, natural parenting, and green and healthy living!

In God’s Economy

Helping women find simplicity in the middle of their busy, chaotic lives. Find tips for eating well, taking time for yourself, Natural home remedies and ways to be frugal yet healthy at the same time.

The Greening Of Westford

Go green with REAL tips you can use. Practical advice that takes budget, time and effort into consideration. Always letting you know exactly how and where to get the information you need. I love glass jars! Spaghetti sauce, jelly, salsa, you name it! They are great for all kinds of storage – pantry, fridge, freezer, craft items…… And they look so cute. You can even dress them up by painting the lids (with leftover house paint) or add cute labels. There are a few out there, but I really think modeling the behavior and teaching them young is the best. They grow up composting, using a reusable water bottle, recycling and not thinking twice about it. My daughters (at 9 and 11) automatically go get their reusable shopping bags when we go hit the mall!

Sweet Tiny Blessings

Sweet Tiny Blessings was founded by a former teacher turned SAHM. She writes about her family, faith, reviews and giveaways. And is passionate about encouraging healthy living. My daughter loves toilet paper and paper towel rolls. So we often create megaphones and binoculars with them. My daughter also enjoys music. So we use our empty protein canisters as drums.  Curious George Plants a Tree is a great children’s books that makes it fun for kids to understand how to take care of our planet.  My daughter loves to share protein shakes with me. It’s such a great way to get a serving of fruits and veggies into my picky eater. She also enjoys homemade fruit and veggie puree pouches. They are so easy when we are on the go.

CelloMom on Cars

Car reviews & out-of-the-box articles by frugal mom: how to save greenbacks on your green choices; car accessories; (chemical) safety. Mythbusting & Emperor’s clothes a specialty. What can you not do with an old sheet? It’s a tent (if draped over two chairs), it’s a boat (if artfully arranged on the floor), it’s a picnic blanket (even in the dead of winter, if you set up in the living room); it’s a king’s or queen’s mantel or a magician’s cape; it a slide or a hammock for dolls and stuffed animals. And you can always curl up under it and take a nap. Carl Hiaasen has written many stories (“Hoot”, “Scat”, “Flush”, etc.) about children who help wildlife in his native Florida, using their pluck and ingenuity. These books are laugh-aloud funny, and great for reading aloud and laughing together.

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