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Are you a mom who blogs about the humorous side of parenting? We’re looking for mom blogs that share silly stories, comedic pictures, and that focus on the funny aspects of raising a family.

Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

“Somewhere Between Love and Madness Lies…Motherhood.” Sure it’s rewarding, but it’s also not all Hallmark Moments. A look at the lighter side of being an aging, carb-eating, non-exercising, wine-drinking, sleep-deprived stay at home Mom of three. I’ve never had a hard time laughing at myself, which I find to be very healthy, and luckily I’m not one to disappoint either. Whether it’s tripping over my own feet, having a conversation with a stranger with a giant piece of food in my teeth, or having a fit and practically stripping in a parking lot after finding a piece of a dead cricket inside the sweater I was wearing (that really happened unfortunately), I seem to always do something that makes me cringe, blush and eventually laugh out loud. And should I be having an off day, I turn to my favorite bloggers like People I Want to Punch in the Throat, Bad Parenting Moments, Motherhood WTF, Let Me Start by Saying, Suburban Snapshots, Ninja Mom, Naps Happen, Parenting .Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, and about a dozen other funny Moms that are always sure to leave me laughing until there’s tears running down my legs.

Baby Sideburns

When I was pregnant I got a bump on my boob. Not a lump, a bump. I went to the doctor and found out what it was. A supernumerary nipple. Yup, a third nipple. Holy. Shit. It was at that moment that I knew I had to start a blog.

Insane in the Mom-Brain

If I win this contest, the prize is a virtual badge saying I won. I will pawn that virtual badge at the virtual pawn shop & buy virtual drugs & hookers with the virtual money, and YOU will be a virtual enabler. THAT will rest on your virtual conscience. My boy makes me laugh. Even when he’s being a turd, he is funny, and I often have to leave the room so he won’t see me laughing at his turdiness. Also, Louis CK is my favorite comedian, and everything he does makes me laugh. I also have some hilarious friends that often make me pee in my pants. Just a little. Like a drip or two.

People I Want to Punch in the Throat

A sarcastic and sometimes satirical view on life through the eyes of an irritated suburban mom. Whenever I need a laugh I talk to my kids, my husband or my girlfriends. They all fill a different need. My kids crack me up, because they have no filter and just say whatever is on their mind. The Hubs kills me, because he’s always got a funny outlook on life and he’s so sarcastic and dry he can make anything hilarious. My girlfriends make my sides hurt from laughing so much.

Holdin’ Holden

Brutally honest and hilarious musings of a stay at home mom and author.  Honestly, any and every time my kids embarrass the hell out of me. I know that sounds weird, but if I can’t laugh the hardest at those moments I’d probably be booking an extended stay at the nutfarm or joining the traveling circus. I’m a mom- I don’t receive gifts anymore! A gazillion years ago when I did- my mom once wrapped up a new pack of socks and put it under the Christmas tree. Guess she couldn’t wait for me to open it because come Christmas morning- it had a hole in the side of the bag and a pair was missing. Thanks, Mom.

Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures™

cleaningwithtoddler 4

Just my real life parenting stories illustrated with crappy pictures. What always makes you laugh? British comedy. Poop jokes. Randomness. Embarrassing stories. Creative grammar.
What’s the funniest gift you’ve ever received? My son gave me a dead spider once. That was “awesome” and stuff.

I Want A Dumpster Baby

A sporadic offering of the hilarity and clumsiness that is my wonderful life. oh, and I want to find a dumpster baby. I’m a Proud Drunk, Sober since October 4, 2001; I haven’t eaten anything with a face in 21 years – but I’m not a dick about it. My babies are 6 weeks old, so they haven’t really done or said anything that funny. Other than what my husband and I like to call the fartcry. He coined “hashtag fartcry — #fartcry” and thinks it will become a sensation on Twitter. Fingers crossed. My husband. I swear to gods. He’s the funniest person I know and can ALWAYS get me to laugh no matter what else is happening. I’m so grateful to have him and still can’t quite believe he married me.

Hot Mess Mom

Stories, kids, travel, humor, antics and everything else that makes my life a hot mess! For my 39th birthday, my girlfriend made me a cake. Of my ass. Complete with ‘bad tattoo” that I mistakenly got when I was 21. My boys make me laugh every day. As does my husband. And, unfortunately, I think I’m pretty funny and laugh at myself all day long.

Where’s The F#*king Mommy Manual?!

The ramblings, epiphanies and tantrums of a mom. What always makes me laugh is what most other people find appalling, shocking, disturbing and straight up inappropriate. True story.

The Crumb Diaries/Curveballs

I do not feel I am your typical ‘special needs’ mom. We don’t take things all that seriously around my house. Life’s too short to dwell on what we CANT do, so we find fun in anything we CAN do. There’s always something to laugh at, you just have to look for it a little bit harder some days. Anyone who follows my page or blog knows that Logan says some pretty funny stuff. The reason I find it so hilarious and endearing is simply because we weren’t sure he’d ever talk at all, so to have him not only talk, but to have such a great sense of humor is just a blast. He speaks in “Loganese”, a mixture of made up and altered words that have become part of my regular vocabulary. Even on our worst day he can make me smile. We could be sitting in a hospital room, with an IV in his arm and he will still crack a joke. The fact that HE can laugh daily makes me laugh daily.

Moms who drink and swear

I am an over-educated, opinionated, tenderhearted mother of two who has a potty mouth and a bleeding heart. My husband just gave me hoodie/footie P.J.’s for Valentine’s Day. I look like the kid from “A Christmas Story.”  Some of the subjects and possibly a lot of the language here on my blog might make you feel uncomfortable. I’m comfortable with that. I mean no harm, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be harmed by something I write, however, since I’m only responsible for what I write, not what you understand or how you interpret what I write, harm is a subjective term, so you could feel harmed, even though I told you that I mean no harm.

Humble Writes Words

Hi, I am Humble. I am 29 years old and I have 5 kids. Like a boss. What’s the most challenging thing about being  a mom? Meeting your sons teacher for the first time and her “knowing all about you” and thinking “crap what was the last thing I posted?”….oh that’s right, an amazing piece about Katy Perry’s movie and a full paragraph applauding her breasts.

Wrinkled Mommy

Writer, Humorist, over analyzer, NC mom blogger, mom of six including one set of triplets. Oh! And noise hater. Like, really. If you take my ear plugs, I will kill you. Probably the funniest moment for me and my husband was the time the triplets (age 2 1/2 at the time) actually worked together to move a piece of furniture (a heavy night stand) from one room to another room. The two boys pushed and pulled slowly gaining an inch or two at a time, while the girl walked behind them (not helping at all) yelling “Push!” “Push!”  I received a Valentines Day card from my husband. Unsigned. Accompanying that card was a box of chocolates. Sugar-Free.

Comic Strip Mama Blog

teenagers who know everything

Proud mama, cartoonist, writer & entrepreneur who “STRIPS” away the INSANITY of LIFE & PARENTHOOD & encourages others to focus on the positive, the blessings, the awesome & the humor! Author of bestseller “STAIRWAY TO AWESOMENESS!”


Parenthood detailed in the straight-forward, funny, and profane way you’d expect from a mother from NJ. One time while driving, we saw a truck almost cut off a cop that was speeding by with sirens blaring. I couldn’t believe the truck and commented, “He’s going to cut off the cop! What a dick!” From the backseat my 3-year-old daughter said, “Dick? What’s a dick, Mama?” Before I could answer, another cop sped by. She saw him and yelled, “Hey! There’s a dick, too!”


Crassparenting is a blog dedicated to parenting without dogma and making people laugh. My kids always make me laugh. So does my husband. I married him because he completely cracks me up. I can always rely on his perspective to keep me laughing. I also am always slayed by the commenters on Crassparenting and at They are seriously some of the funniest people I have ever come across. The comic relief from these two related communities has gotten me through my toughest moments in the last several years. My friends and I do White Elephant gift party. One year, I got the gift everyone passes around: A nutcracker that is in the shape of a nude woman. You crack the nuts by pulling her legs apart. It is very classy. It’s not something I let the kids use, but it still cracks me up.

Diary of a Madwoman

The truth about surviving the suicide of my husband, raising our 3 kids alone, getting robbed and kidnapped the morning of the funeral, and learning to live and even LAUGH in spite of it all. If there’s an upside to this gig, then I’m pretty sure I’ve been standing in the wrong line. I’m hoping my reward will be waiting for me in the form of wonderful, well-rounded adults who lavish me with exotic vacations and weekly pampering once they have kids of their own. I’m just praying my selflessness elevates me to that quaint mother-in-law cottage by the sea, rather than the smelly nursing home.

Menopausal Mother

Musings on the good, the bad, and the ugly side of menopausal mayhem. I’m a thirty-something woman trapped inside the body of a middle aged, menopausal mama. It’s either laugh or cry folks, and I prefer off-the-wall humor. Welcome to the nuthouse! My children because they make me laugh and laugh and laugh! I’d also have to include my pug in the mix. He howls and cocks his head whenever I speak. He is incapable of being potty trained, and therefore wears doggie pants. Now he just looks like a tough guy/sumo wrestler in a satin diaper. I have 4 children and they’ve all done their share of amusing things over the years, but my youngest gets the prize for the most embarrassing one. When he was a toddler, he accidentally dialed 911 while I was busy hosting a Tupperware party for 25 women. When three young, handsome, police men stormed into my home, I believe my lady friends thought I was hosting an entirely different kind of party.

Old Dog New Tits

I’m just a person writing about stuff I think is funny. Or interesting. Sometimes both. I make fun of people a lot but I’m not a jerk. Because “people” usually means me. Also, I like cheese. Way more than you do. Well, yes. Of COURSE, my kids make me laugh. Every day. Usually when they’re not looking. But there are others out there who also test the limits of my bladder on a regular basis. Among them are Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Gaffigan, Mitch Hedberg, Mike Birbiglia and the entire cast of Arrested Development.  And then there are the unsung heroes … like the brilliantly witty people in my family and my delightfully screwball friends who like to get silly with me.

Carriage Before Marriage

What happens when you have a baby, then start planning your wedding, all the while trying for baby #2? You blog about it, of course. My 2-year-old gives impromptu singing performances from her “stage” – a flipped over laundry basket. Recently, when she treated us to “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes,” the words were perfect, but she pointed to the wrong body part every time. As she sang “eyes and ears and mouth and nose” she was touching her chin and tummy and feet. And then she ended her verse with one last resounding “Mouth!!!!” Comedy gold.  My brother, with whom I share a brain, gave me the Mr. T Talking Keychain. I never got tired of using it tell people to “Quit your jibber jabber!” When in doubt, let Mr. T do the talking for you.

Toulouse & Tonic

Making my kids hate me one post at a time. Just this past weekend, I got the BEST gift I’ve ever received although some people seem to find it funny (funny weird, not funny haha). Only other mom understand so completely, they usually come close to tears when they hear. My husband voluntarily took both of my kids to his parents house for the weekend and let me have the whole house all to myself. FOR 3 DAYS. Listen up, husbands and dads. This is the best gift ever invented. Ever. My husband and kids make me laugh every single day and hopefully they make you laugh too. Just realize when you’re enjoying all the ridiculous stuff I write about my family on my blog, that I may need you to pay me back one day by giving me a place to live. There are repercussions to a tag line like, “Making my Kids Hate Me One Post at a Time.”

According to Mags

I aspire to be a professional napper because I am TIRED. I plan to investigate the thoughts of my five-year-old in a fun and light way. If you are up for the adventure, I hope you’ll join me. The funniest gift I’ve ever received was an “Easter basket” from my husband while we were dating. He didn’t realize that I was going to get him some things for Easter. When I was on my way over to his apartment to bring him the goodies, he obviously raced around his house throwing anything he could find into a basket for me. When I arrived, he presented me with a basket that he was given to him by one of his students for Valentine’s Day (I worked in the same school with him so I recognized it). Inside I found a small OPEN bottle of blush wine, a bag of microwave popcorn, some Lifesaver mints from the bottom of his work bag and three VERY old Hershey Kisses. It’s the thought that counts…right? RIGHT?


Thoughts from a totally snarkastic mom. Raising 2 teens to be good humans without losing my own humanity…or my mind. Running with my 15 year old daughter never fails to make me laugh. We start off serious and we get so tired and so loopy that we just start laughing. By the end of the run, we’re having a butt-smacking contest, we’re exhausted, we’re silly and we are making fun of one another. Some of my favorite times have been spent running with her.  Watching Criminal Minds with my kids always makes me laugh when 15 says: “You know, I think Morgan would solve the case much quicker if he took off his shirt.”


Momaical: [mom-mahy-uh-kuhl] Noun: A humor blog about a Mom trying to clean, cook healthy food and not raise a flock of assholes. Cursing & copious coffee involved. I learned early in life that humor can get you out of a lot of trouble (and also into it – but that’s another story entirely). For example when your English teacher calls on you when you’re daydreaming and asks you to define “paradox”. If you answer “two small dogs” it gets you off the hook – long enough to remember that it is also a seemingly self contradictory statement that is true. So, I have surrounded myself with funny people.  Laughter can get you through difficult times and is a great ab workout! My husband makes me laugh constantly. We have produced two smart ass kids. My friends are hilarious. If you’re not funny – you’re out. And then the funny people will all get together and make fun of how not funny you are. (No we won’t).

Somewhat Sane Mom

I am a mom of 3 daughters. I also have a home daycare. Enough said. It’s terrible…but I laugh when people get hurt. Not seriously hurt. But if someone takes a little tumble down the steps, well that’s just funny. I once saw someone riding their bike down the street and they got clotheslined by a wire coming from a telephone pole. Once I realized that she wasn’t seriously hurt, I laughed until I cried. And who am I kidding, I laughed right away. But I was glad she wasn’t hurt. Really, I was. When I was in high school, my parents got me a vanity tag for my car. My name is Katie…so the license plate said “IMKT”. Get it? I am Katie. It wasn’t funny at the time, but my friends and I still laugh at that a bit. I drove my white Saturn with pride sporting that tag on the back… My sanity is barely hanging on by a thread…and sometimes I blog about it.

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