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25 Best Homeschooling Mom Bloggers & Websites To Follow

Homeschooling can be difficult, especially when you are just getting started. That is why we have compiled a list of the best homeschooling mom blogs. These moms are committed to assisting you in developing a curriculum, staying motivated, coming up with inspiring project ideas, dealing with day-to-day events, keeping your children active, and teaching them real-world skills.

Are you a mom blogger who has chosen home education for your children? We’re looking for moms whose blogs share curriculum, projects, resources, activities and all things related to teaching children at home!

Home to 4 Kiddos

A blog that celebrates homeschool life including posts about education, recipes, faith and more. I have found, that in my years as being a classroom teacher and homeschool mom, that one of the best ways to enhance and encourage a child’s concentration is to provide he/she with a stimulating, hands-on environment. This allows for not only for physical movement, but for the opportunity for the learning to be real, relevant and interesting. We all want our children to be able to express their creativity, imaginations and to be innovative. Research has shown that very little is retained when a child only hears the information. Slightly more is retained when they read the information. Even more is remembered when the information is learned in a hands-on manner. I do my best to combine all three of these methods. In addition, change activities frequently, allow for lots of movement and always let them pursue their interests. They will want to concentrate! 🙂

123 Homeschool 4 Me

123 Homeschool 4 MeCreative ideas, 150+ free printables, crafts, kids activities, and homeschool lesson plans, for preschool and homeschool families. We always try to make learning fun at our house. But there are those times when they need to focus. At those times we make sure to have a quiet space where they will not be distracted. I make sure we break up focused time with plenty of time to stretch, play, and learn in a more hands-on approach. Boys especially seem to need more time to get up and stretch. I’ve also found giving my son some play dough keeps his hands busy and moving so he can focus his mind on his work.


1+1+1=1 is a homeschooling blog filled with many free resources, printables and posts featuring a behind the scenes look at life in our home. All kids are different and learning the needs of each individual child is my best advice. What has worked for my oldest son will drive my middle son crazy! Get to know your child and don’t be scared if they study differently than you do. One of our favorite games right now is “Suspend” made by Melissa and Doug. It is a fun game that involves a lot of thought and decision making While it isn’t teaching any particular school skill, it is enhancing the brain as the thoughts run deep! My 7 and 11 year old love this game!

All Things With Purpose

All Things with PurposeHey there! We’re 2 friends that have teamed up to blog about all things homeschooling, crafting, sewing, money saving, parenting, decorating and throwing great parties! We offer fabulous free printables and homeschooling encouragement. Know your child’s learning style! I was homeschooled my entire life, and I remember quite vividly what worked and what didn’t. As a high schooler, my mom gave me hands-on involvement in the choosing of my curriculum. We looked together at books and read Cathy Duffy’s “101 Top Picks” from cover to cover. She figured I knew myself at that point better than anyone, and if I helped pick it out, I couldn’t complain!

Little Adventures Preschool & Nexus Homeschool

The Adventures of a Homeschooling mom with the ambition of a playgroup. Formal Preschool, Tot School, and unschooling fun in 360 degrees. Now with homeschooling help as we grow and learn in Nexus Homeschool. My philosophy on teaching reading is far different from many homeschoolers I’ve met. I believe that children can learn to read at a very young age. Children younger than 3 are introduced to letter names and sounds though aren’t expected to retain the information. Once children are 3 years old they have the ability to learn letter sounds and how to use them at the same time. We focus on one letter per week. We do not learn the letters in alphabetical order. We learn them in an order that presents the highest number of CVC words for them to sound out. As we focus on a new letter each week we add it to the letters we’ve already learned to successfully read decodable texts.

How To Homeschool My Child

Homeschool encouragement from a mom who graduated 3 kids. Offer free activities, resources, activity guides, as well as tips & tricks for homeschooling & Christian parenting. Do you struggle to find a balance with homeschooling, spiritual life, family life, husband, baby, personal time, extra curricular activities, and the keeping up with the home?

Confessions of a Homeschooler

Confessions of a homeschooler is a homeschooling blog full of ideas, resources, curriculum, recipes, projects, and digital scrapbooking supplies! Stop by for a visit anytime. Well, this may not be a popular answer, but we have consequences for dawdling or not paying attention. If students choose to procrastinate then they put their work in a “homework pile” that they get to do after school is over. Usually one time of having to do work while everyone else is playing helps motivate them to pay attention and work diligently during class time!  We like all kinds of games and hands on activities to help make our learning experience more well rounded and memorable. Whenever possible we make crafts, recipes, lapbooks, or notebooking pages to go with our studies. This just helps make things more fun in general, but also brings your subject to life for the kiddos. They’ll definitely remember something they created with their own hands!

Only Passionate Curiosity

This blog shares what real life homeschooling is like- all our triumphs and struggles. We want to share ideas on how to make homeschooling work for you and your family, and help you save a little money along the way. Let them Play and Wiggle! We like to do “park school” which means we pack up the books and head down to the playground. They get to run around a little, and then I take turns working one on one with each child as they all play together. Having the motivation of being able to play helps them focus on the task at hand- plus having something for the little kids to do keeps them out of trouble and cuts back on distractions!

Living Montessori Now

I’m a Montessori educator who homeschooled my kids through high school. Homeschooling works! My kids got straight A’s in college and are now happily married, successful adults. I love to share activities and give encouragement. We used unit studies in our homeschooling, and my now-adult children loved reading books together and doing hands-on activities for each theme. I have a post with a list of all the unit studies I’ve published posts about at Living Montessori Now

This Reading Mama

This Reading Mama is a site dedicated to sharing printables, activities, and practical tips for parents who want to make reading and writing fun for their child. My kids like to play any game that has movement. I adapt most of them myself and get inspiration from the simple games of hopscotch or tag. I try and incorporate these games {by adding numbers, letters, or sight words} into our school day at times. A recent one we just did was a syllable game where I put the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the wall with sticky notes. I had a stack of picture cards. My 4 year old identified the picture, clapped the syllables, then ran down the hall to tag the number that corresponded with the syllables.

Homeschool Creations

A homeschool blog providing free printables, helpful tips, and curriculum resources for families along with encouragement for their journey. A standard ‘go-to’ snack in our house are granola bars. Because we have four kids and I wanted to know what was IN the bars our kids were eating, we started making our own homemade granola bars. They are very filling and disappear quickly in our home!

Ben and Me

We are a delight-directed, unit study, Charlotte Mason-ish homeschool blog, overflowing with field trips and curriculum and product reviews. We use a delight-directed unit study approach to homeschooling. From early on, I began using a book basket to go along with our studies. I fill the basket with a combination of picture books, nonfiction and chapter books, all based on our theme for the week. This basket is used primarily for free-reading time. Having easy access to books written on topics of interest and passion has made the love of reading easy in our house.

Blessed Beyond a Doubt

Blessed Beyond a Doubt helps homeschool families live a simple frugal life by sharing homeschool freebies, encouragement, family, parenting, marriage, and homemaking tips. We have read a loud time after lunch daily. It’s considered a treat to be old enough to stay up for read a loud time. My three year old even enjoys our special time. I encourage the little ones to color to avoid distractions. By sticking to a schedule during the school year helps us all to stay focused during our school day. This includes regular bedtimes, chores, school, and free time. If you get off track, just get back into the regular routine the next morning. We all have days that don’t go as planned.

Dynamic 2 Moms

Home of the {Free} 7 Step Curriculum Planner, Student Planner, Home Management Binder, Lapbooks, Notebooking pages and Education for the Educator; Emphasis also on helping New Bee Homeschoolers. This blog is dedicated to meeting the needs of new homeschoolers. Why is our program and support different? Because we have personally spent many years conducting workshops, speaking to new homeschoolers and supporting them through our program.

Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

I write the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom blog where you will find printables, crafts, kids activities, and more. I strive make every day a magical homeschooling day. One key factor that took me years to finally figure out is that rather than giving my children outdoor free time to run and play in the afternoons after school it is best for my children if they have this time in the morning prior to school. This allows them to exercise and start their day off at their own pace and leisure so that when school time and studies roll around they are focused, engaged, and driven. Our family lives where more often than not the temperatures tend to be on the warmer side of the thermometer. My favorite educational activity that our children and I always look forward to is and activity that I created called ‘Foam Block Pool Spelling’. Here is all that you need to have some foam block pool spelling fun:

Homeschool Circus

Starting our 11th year of Homeschooling! From High School to Preschool, what else do you call homeschooling household of 6? Come follow our journey as we follow Christ plus read up on the latest curriculum and book reviews. Each child is an individual and needs to have their needs personally addressed. Some children have more energy than others – so shorter lessons intermixed with physical activity is in order. Some children are book worms by nature and just need quiet to study – so a quiet time or quiet nook is in order. And so on.  You want to set your child up for success. So, whatever or however THEY need to learn, it’s imperative as a parent to move them into that direction or provide the necessary environment.

Fit Kids Clubhouse

Fit Kids Clubhouse is our home based Preschool. My Son, and the other “Clubhouse Kids”, all have fun together exploring everything from paint recipes to Science, gardening to Yoga… because you’re never too old to start a Clubhouse. Everything we do can be an educational game! From cooking together in the kitchen to going for a nature walk, we make an educational game out of all that we do. Learning should always be this fun! As for a specific game, my 4 year old Son is currently very much enjoying “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” board game. This game has us cover everything from Math to Nutrition, and he is always just as excited to make it to the end and become a butterfly.

Teach Beside Me

notification iconFormer school teacher turned Homeschooler. A blog full of creative and fun homeschooling ideas, learning games, curriculum reviews, giveaways, crafts, etc. Kids will work hard if they have a desire to learn. My philosophy on learning is to begin early to help kids love what they are learning. Make it interesting and relevant to them. Even those subjects that they hate can be made interesting to them through variety, real-life stories, hands-on activities and more. If you make learning enjoyable, they will hunger to learn more. We love games a lot and love to make them into a learning experience. Some of our favorites are puzzles, spelling games with letter tiles, math games with dice, dominoes, or playing cards. All of these are fun ways to reinforce learning. You can make hopscotch into a learning game by adding spelling words or addition facts. We love playing with our fraction pizza game, and our homemade board games. I have so many fun ideas for learning with games on my blog!

Vicki, Sabrina, Marilyn, Kym, Allison & Sara are homeschool moms for more than two decades. Our blogs encourage & equip you for your homeschool adventure, particularly supporting homeschooling high school. We offer curriculum & coaching in our EBookstore. What do you get when you take SIX homeschool moms who have helped each other make it all the way to high school graduation, throw in relationships with a few hundred other local homeschoolers who have partnered with them in all sorts of community endeavors, and allow those ladies to share what they’ve learned with the rest of the homeschooling world via the internet?

Pea of Sweetness

Pea of Sweetness offers content, such as: homeschooling, Faith, product reviews and giveaways, parenting, special needs children, natural/eco-friendly living, and more! It’s my heart to share our journey so you can be encouraged. Pea of Sweetness has continued to grow and change over the past few years and features content such as: homeschooling, homemaking, parenting, special needs, natural/eco-friendly living, product reviews and giveaways, and more! It also has a link to my shop for my personally made products, which are now being produced again – though you’ll find the products are much less baby related.

Starts At Eight

This is a blog written from the center of a homeschooling house. From navigating high school to fun unit studies in the elementary grades we cover it all. We have found that in this age of kids being so technologically based and connected that it can interfere with their studies. Bells, whistles, and dings coming from all devices at all hours disrupts your train of thought. We have a few strategies to combat this and other distraction . books in a book basket on the floor when they were smaller, to low shelves for the toddlers and bookshelves in their own rooms and now floor to ceiling bookshelves in our home
school room as well.

Lextin Eclectic

A homeschool graduate records the adventures of homeschooling her 5 children ages 7 and under. Expect honesty and humor with a behind the scenes look into their homeschool journey. I have been reading to my kids since birth – curled up in their rocking chairs with board books. Now we have daily read aloud time where I read to them. We sometimes all pile onto the couch for family read aloud. I also keep their iPods loaded with audio books. My kids enjoy the stories and look forward to read aloud times or times when they can relax and listen to an audio book. Now that Curly is an independent reader, she has become a bookworm. I hope that all my children love to read!

Mom for All Seasons

A blog about all things faith, family and homeschooling. Filled with encouragement, practical tips, advice, reviews of great homeschool products, all mixed together with a healthy {and humorous} dose of reality. Know your child. Do they need absolute quiet? If so, provide that for them. Do they need background noise? If so, allow them to have it. It is so important to remember that every child is unique. We have to know them individually and make sure we are doing all we can do for them. My daughters love their Nabi 2’s. This fully functional Android tablet was designed specifically for kids and we have found the coolest educational games/apps via the Amazon App Store.

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

WUHS is about encouraging and equipping homeschooling families through practical tips, honest product reviews, and a candid look at the homeschooling lifestyle. It’s where the stereotypes become an inside joke. As a family, we love playing Aggravation and Guesstures, but I’m not sure either qualifies as educational. The girls and I love birdwatching. The boy? Well, if there is some educational value in video games, he’s set. As my kids get older, I start moving them toward more independent learning. One thing that has helped a couple of them is a daily checklist. They seem to be able to focus more when they know what needs to be accomplished each day and when they are responsible for checking it off. Usually.

Embracing Destiny

An eclectic mix of homeschooling, faith, motherhood, marriage, encouragement, autism, books, reviews, giveaways, and the things that matter to homeschool moms. I think the best way to help kids concentrate is to know their learning style. If they are kinesthetic learners or visual learners or auditory — discover their best learning style and work with that. Homeschooling allows the freedom and flexibility to teach to each students’ individual abilities, which automatically increases concentration and retention of information. Adding interest to lessons with hands-on learning and real life application whenever possible also increases attention and eagerness to learn more.

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