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Are you a mom of twins, triplets, or an even larger set of multiples? We’re looking for mom bloggers who share tricks, advice and stories about raising a family as a mom of multiples.

The Great Umbrella Heist

An aspiring photographer trapped in the life of a CPA documents her daily adventures with identical triplet girls. My girls become very concerned if one is sick or injured. I’ve witnessed them kissing a sleeping sibling. They also ask a lot of questions about Anna’s doctors’ appointments. There’s a maturity in the way that they express their concern for each other.  Have everything organized and ready to go the night before. We have the girls pick out their clothes and hang them in a designated spot.  Be sure to sing Happy Birthday to each kid – not a combined song. If they want separate cakes, give in to their request. Or better yet, do cupcakes!

The Best Things in Life are THREE

I’m a 36 year old mama of 4 year old triplets, one of whom was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate! This blog is a day to day memory of the funny, crazy, endearing things they do. If one of them wakes up, and gets out of bed before the others, the others are in an instant panic not knowing where their sibling is. It’s pretty sweet, actually.
They play together, stick together, and fight together. Ask them who their best friends are and they’ll say each other. My daughter refers to her brothers as “her boys” or “her brothers.” The first time one child got sick on a preschool day, I knew that it was going to cause a problem. The others didn’t want to go to school without the third and vice versa. (Thankfully, we’ve gotten over that a little bit).

Four to Adore

George and I are an ordinary couple given the extraordinary blessing of quadruplets who are now nine months old. I’ve chronicled our journey from the first ultrasound sharing our story hoping to inspire others. As the babies get older, they are becoming increasingly aware of each other. One of our girls (Rylin) can be rather cranky, especially in the evening. Her brother, Mason is usually her polar opposite and is almost always happy and content. I recently noticed that when she is upset, Mason crawls up to her, gets eye contact and grins. Within a few seconds, Rylin is chuckling along with Mason. No one can cheer Rylin up like Mason!

The Littlest Lesnaus

A snapshot of our crazy, chaotic but awesome life with twin girls, a handsome little man, and our amazing quadruplets. When we were on the roller coaster ride of infertility I never thought we would have seven kids in four years. My twin girls are 5 and they were our first children. I didn’t really notice any kind of special bond between them until they were around 2.5 years old. I first started noticing it when we would be playing at the park. They would be playing on different things but would always know where the other one was. They were totally fine playing separately as long at their they could keep an eye on their twin.  I also see this bond when one of the twins gets hurt. They stop whatever they are doing to find out why their twin is crying. If one is in pain the other one is often crying right along with them. They do not tend to cry along with their brother when he is in pain so I think it is a twin thing.

 The "Littlest" Lesnaus

pyjammy’s triplets

Yeah, I’ve got my hands full! I’m the mama of identical 5 year old triplet boys, and I love taking pictures of them. When I take them out one-on-one, they’re always asking after the others. It’s hard for them to be apart. One time, I took Linus with me on a weekend trip to visit my sister. While we were there, he got a very bad poison ivy rash on his arms and neck. My mom had the other two with her, and she said Miles was complaining that his arms were itching – but he had no rash or reason to be itchy.

The Cox Quads

Our blog covers everything from our pregnancy, birth, NICU and everyday challenges that come with raising quadruplets. Last year we dressed our quadruplets as different farm animals and I was a farmer. We borrowed a HUGE red wagon from some friends, filled it with hay and sat the babies inside as they were not all walking yet. We stole the hearts of many as we walked through the neighborhood with our adorable Pig, Cow, Chicken and Lamb in tow! My costume was a simple white tank, a pair of overalls completed with drawn on freckles & braided pigtails.

Texas Tales

A Texas couple right down to our roots (and boots!), my husband, Mike, and I share our daily tales of raising our nearly one-year-old quadruplets. It’s chaotic, it’s funny, it’s real and, most importantly, it’s the story of our lives. Observing them now is the sweetest thing. They steal toys from each other and barrel over each other, but they also have those small, fleeting moments that they smile or laugh at each other. They don’t even have a language they speak amongst themselves yet, but they take comfort in the close presence of their siblings and when one is upset, the other three immediately become concerned about what’s going on.  From personal experience with my own brothers and sisters, I know that siblings who are closer in age tend to grow up with a strong connection. I cannot wait to see how these babies grow up with siblings their same age. They experience most everything for the first time together and I can only imagine that pattern will continue into their adult lives. It’s incredible, fascinating and heart warming to watch it evolve from day to day.

A Beautiful Ruckus

A candid look at raising quadruplets, the joys of major milestones, the hard moments of being a mother, and the effects of instant parenthood on our marriage. Life is an adventure. Since our quadruplets have always been together, their bond is most noticeable when they aren’t together. There have been a few times when only one or two have had a doctor’s visit, or two were sick and couldn’t go play at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They don’t understand why they are sometimes split up yet, and they all seem to mellow out and just wait for the group to get back together again. It’s really very precious!

Growing Up Triplets

Life is full of surprises, twists and turns. The hubby and I have recently learned to trust God in new ways as we were caught off guard April 2011 with the news that our baby was actually TRIPLETS! Join us on our journey – parenting with lots of mistakes, living naturally and all the funny. Well, I am very grateful and feel blessed to be able to stay at home with the trio! But the mornings we do have to get out the door…it’s all hands on deck! Outfits have been laid out the night before, the diaper bag is packed and we have a routine. My husband knows what he is responsible for and jumps right in. I would encourage moms to talk through everything with hubbys – what works? What doesn’t? What can wait till later and what needs to be done now? If you both have clear expectations of what should be done, things will go more smoothly. And if you have as much as possible ready the night before, the work is half done!

The McCleary Quadruplets

There is never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets! The kids are now four and keep us busy. Our blog is full of fun stories about our life and even the occasional giveaway. They have all kinds of inside jokes, that no one but the four of them seem to get. Which is funny to listen to, even if it makes no since at all. They also team up with each other to overcome obstacles. They come up with some interesting plans to achieve a goal. One of my favorites was when they decided they wanted a light switch off and none of them could reach it. They put their heads together and came up with a plan that Cameron would be a step stool, he got down on all fours and Matthew climbed on his back and flipped the switch.

Capri + 3, Multiple Babies = Multiple Blessings

We went from struggling to start our family to being blessed with four. Now that they are two, their personalities are starting to shine. They smile together, laugh together and tantrum together!. When any one of our little ones falls down and cries, the others rush over and ask, “are you OK?” and give the injured one hugs. They also speak at times in their own language which they seem to understand. To me, it sounds a lot like “oi-dja goi-dja goi-dja” but to them, there is special meaning. It reminds me a little of the old Peanuts cartoon where children hear adults saying “wa wa, wa wa wa, wa wa.” I wonder if we sound like that to them. When we are on a tight schedule, we will bring our four 2 1/2 year old toddlers a non-messy breakfast in bed. That way, we can get one or two dressed while the others are eating breakfast. They love the novelty of it and it makes life easier.

Mom of Triplets. Lost One. Survived & Sharing. Mine are all fraternal. My two survivors definitely have their own language and way they play together and interact, but the neatest time I ever saw their bond was while they were still in the NICU. My girl, baby C, was always super sensitive to the changes and what was going on with her brothers. She would ignore other babies crying, but she knew when it was one of her brothers and her stats would go haywire. When they would get separated, she’d get really upset. And, when our baby A passed away, she had to be held because it was like she knew and the nurses could not keep her calm.

30 fingers, 30 toes

2 moms with 2 year old triplet boys, sharing our tips, tricks & adventures along the way. All 3 of our boys have a special bond. They speak their own language & negotiate well among themselves. They are also very tuned into each others feelings & needs. If one of them is feeling under the weather, there is usually someone by his side until he is feeling better.  When we have someplace to be first thing in the morning we get right down to business! I avoid anything that could cause a temper tantrum or any other kind of delay. Breakfast is usually just waffles & bananas at the coffee table & I dress them while they eat. I always dress last just in case anyone decides to wipe their mouth or spit their milk on me. I pack the diaper bag the night before & have sippy cups & snacks ready to go if needed.

Life as we know it with Two Twinkies & a Tater Tot

Raising a pre-schooler & twin toddlers couldn’t get any more hectic…but we wouldn’t have it any other way. As my girls have gotten older there are quite a few times when I get to sit back and just watch them and enjoy the bond that is twins. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s all a twin bond or even just a sister bond (growing up I only ever had a brother), but whatever it is, I love being a spectator.  We’ve gotten to the point in our life with preschoolers that we are over the BIG parties. We focus on making them fun for the kids by doing what they want to do. Small, simple, but fun. Stretching them out over a few days always makes it better, especially when celebrating a two for one deal you have with twins.

The Mott Multiples

Twins, A Single and Triplets. Life as a stay at home mom with multiple multiples. Capturing the moments and living the dream.  We never go anywhere quietly and usually when we do go out someone spills a drink or dumps something on the floor. It costs just over $40.00 to hit the McDonald’s drive thru for the 8 of us and the snack packs of 12 that you purchase at the store only lasts for a short minute. My life revolves around….where are we going? how long will we be there? and if food and drink is needed to be packed. Stopping off at restaurant or convenience store is not cheap for the Mott family. I try to keep a case of water in the back of my vehicle and a box of various snacks in the glove box. Something to tide over a hungry or cranky kid can be priceless.

Caitlin’s Happy Heart

A Mummy blogs about life with BBG triplets and their two big brothers. Included is family life updates and homemaking tips spoken with candour, honesty and humour, hoping to encourage other women in their own journeys. I have noticed a unique connection with the triplets. I hope that it will always remain with one another. They really do know each other’s strengths and weaknesses! They also know one another’s taste in food, so you will often catch them redistributing their dinner with one another so they all end up with food they like, trading their dislikes for anothers likes. I have noticed that within the triplets, the identical boys are even closer still to one another. They will often play together while my girl wanders off and does something different. Although she in turn, will ‘baby’ the boys, patting them and stroking them when they are crying. The boys even at this young age seem to know what one another are thinking and will hand each other toys, swapping and changing without batting an eyelid.


A raw look at life as a first time Mother of twins and other observations. I blog about working from home, fighting infertility, and being over-involved with my twins 3 year old girls. Especially unique? I’m not sure. The being able to communicate with each other when they were very young was amazing but I often wondered if it was because they are twins or just little kids all learning to talk so they understand each others babble. They certainly comfort and stick up for each other when hurt- emotionally or physically unless of course they are the ones doing the hurting.


The King Squad

Witness as I stumble through this beautiful life with my husband, the love of my life, and raise our twins, a single, and quads. Yes, that is 7 children, with 5 that are age 3 and under. Oh, and I also work full time. I used to believe that being a Mother meant being in control. And my OCD brain thinks being in ‘control’ is actually controlling the children. And as a first time mother I sure spent a lot of effort and my energy trying to ‘control’ my twins. However, now, 7 children later, I feel that ‘controlling’ my children may be too harsh. I don’t want to take away from who they are, so now I simple try to guide them.

The Middle Aged Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

I’m a stay at home mother of 4 (twins in the middle). We live in a too small house, with too little money, but I have this crazy desire to live BIG. This blog is about the daily adventures that I call life. My kids are unfortunately fear based kids. I encourage them to do things that scare them just a little. They discover that the things that they felt too afraid to do, weren’t so scary after they had done them.

Project Procrastinot

I’m a lucky lady and stay at home mom to two scrumptious twinkles born in September 2012. My husband swept me off my feet and brought me into the expat lifestyle and we currently make our home in Aberdeen, Scotland. My daughter has been the more aggressive twin, and when they were newborns, she would always seem to “look” for her brother. She was definitely more interested in him than he was in her! But now that they’re a little older, they are interacting more and more. If they are next to each other they might hold hands or suck on each other’s fingers and they like to pull each other’s socks off. And when I nurse them together, they will often caress each other’s arms or even pet the other’s head! It’s very sweet.

The Klopp Quads

Raising identical triplet girls… remembering James every single day. I’ve been married for over two years to my wonderful husband, Dan. Our family has grown with the birth of our spontaneous quadruplets on December 9th, 2009 at only 27 weeks and 1 day gestation. The first baby out was Sofia Taylor, followed by Madeline Sue, Josephine Louise, and lastly James Daniel, who is now in heaven. We are absolutely in love with them all and cannot wait to watch the three girls grow!

The Klopp Quads

Westover Manor

Westover Manor is a lifestyle blog all about our goings on, fave finds, great designs & random bits of nothing-ness. We have a lot of fun here & hope you will too! There will be moments when they’re sitting side by side in their high chairs and they’ll hold hands and smile, or simply look at each other and bust up laughing. They love to be where the other one is at all times, and if Mama is holding one, Mama should be holding both. I’ve taken just one to the store with me for a little special Mama time and I can tell that they are enjoying the one-on-one time, but are wishing their other ‘half’ were there to share it with them. I try to make extra time to just sit and play or hold both of them together for this reason. So they know that they are loved individually but that they came as a pair, and it’s okay to want to be that pair.


Jen Murray (QuatroMama) is the mama of quadruplet six year old boys, who are slowly taming her fears of dirt and all things loud. Jen spends her days cleaning toothpaste from the sink and blogging. We were crazy enough to say “Yes” to our 4 four year old quadruplet boys being in a wedding. Surprisingly, with some planning and practice it went off without a hitch. My biggest tips were talking through the event – what to expect, how to behave, consequences of not behaving, etc. well before the ceremony starts. We reserve bribing for big deal events like this one – so the wedding cake and a Dollar Store surprise for the wedding reception were waiting for those who did their best. Take snacks and quiet activities to hold them over if things go longer than expected, and plan an escape path if necessary!


Emily’s daily adventures while raising her twin infant girls. I notice that the girls don’t like to get too far away from each other. They like to stay within ear shot of each other at least and tend to go looking if they haven’t seen their sister for a while. And if one wakes up before the other, it takes a lot of work to keep her from going to wake sister up. But I almost don’t mind because it’s so sweet and they are so happy to see each other. I wake up an hour and a half before the girls do. Which means I wake up at 5am! Ugh! But it also means I can drink a cup of coffee, shower, and do blog stuff in peace and get the girls breakfast started all before they wake up. It’s made getting ready so much calmer and I have more time to play with them in the morning because I’ve gotten so much done before they wake up.


An RN, RDA accredited cloth diaper circle leader, and mother of twins, blogs about what works for her! Posts include product recommendations, going green tips, encouraging rants, giveaways, cloth diapering and tips to make life easier. When one of my twins is sick, the other is very good about helping out and making sure the sick twin is well taken care of. It’s very sweet. I love the hugs before bedtime and the little random “I love you(s)” that they share. They always want to know were brother or sister is if they are not together. It’s also entertaining to hear them tell kids on a playground that they are twins when they are asked their age. Get as much done the night before as possible! Start the day by letting your kids know what is in store for them. “Today we are going to preschool!” Give narrow choices and have the kids help pick out clothes the night before. If my kiddos are having a hard time focusing on getting dressed, I remind them that they need to focus on getting dressed or mommy will have to help them. They love to do everything on their own at 4 years old, so this helps speed things along.

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