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Are you a mom who blogs about the great outdoors? Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, camping, gardening or rock climbing. We’re searching for moms who passionately blog about spending time outdoors while raising a family.

Velo Mom

Jen is an avid cyclist, wife, sometimes racer, full-time software engineer and, of course, mom. Cycling is her passion. She was living her dream of her family becoming digital nomads when her son was unexpectedly killed in Mexico.

Mommy Hiker

Mommy Hiker… rediscovering the beauty of the world through the eyes of my daughter. I started this blog in the hopes of inspiring other parents to get outdoors with their kids to explore and discover the wonder and beauty of Mother Nature and in doing so I have inspired myself! Camping is our family’s favorite pastime and Big Sur, California is one of our favorite places on the planet! We try to do 2 big camping trips a year with friends and family. I always look forward to leaving the city behind and sleeping under the soul-nurturing canopy of Mother Nature. There’s no better way for me to bond with my loved one than lunching next to a gorgeous waterfall or enjoying my morning coffee while my daughter and I watch the deer graze on the hillside. There is something so magical. It fills up my heart and it spills over with love for my family.

Outdoorsy Mama

Yappy, fun, inspirational, outdoorsy, this blog is all about sharing this crazy thing called parenthood with a sense of humor & a twist of Ma Nature. We love to laugh and share adventures from How To Deal With Stinky Keens to Mommies. There is no greater playground for kids than a stream, river, pond, lake, ocean. Just plonk them near one of these bodies of water and watch their imaginations take-off. From big family activities on boats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards to building tiny, little, home-made beaver dams in the trickling stream in the backyard, finding a vacation spot near water is a absolute win-win!

Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

Have preschooler and have not slowed down! This blog seeks to chronicle the joys and challenges of taking kids hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing and all-out exploring in the Canadian Rockies. We love camping here in the Canadian Rockies and one of our favorite places to camp is Dinosaur Provincial Park. There are hiking trails all around the campground and you don’t have to drive to get to them. There’s a creek that runs through the campground, and a great little playground. You can ride bikes around the campground too. It’s a great family-friendly place to camp and gets warmer earlier than camping in the mountains.

Adventure Tykes – Little Feet, Big Adventures

Helping to inspire and motivate parents to get outside with their tykes. Avid runner, hiker, amateur chef, wine lover and goof. It’s all about the clothing you wear. If you are properly dressed then being out in the cold isn’t an issue. Layering and not wearing cotton are very important. Cotton will hold perspiration against your skin making you cold. Wear merino wool or synthetic clothing that keeps moisture off your skin. Wear multiple layers. You can always remove a layer if you get too hot. National Parks are suited for family fun. They have well maintained trails, ranger programs, maintained facilities (restrooms, visitor center) and rangers who monitor the park that can provide directions and information when needed.

backcountry with the kids

I am mom to two wonderful boys and my blog is about getting outside and being active with your family. We are predominantly canoe trippers, but enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, winter camping, snowshoeing and rock climbing.

Colorado Mountain Mom

Outside enjoying the wilderness is pretty much my favorite place to be! We’re raising our kids to appreciate the Great Outdoors, and love living in the Wild, Wild West. My blog features both travel and being active while enjoying nature. Kids have so much boundless energy, and these days they are so sedentary in how they spend their time. Being in an enjoyable outdoor surrounding is a payback in itself, and is a “sneaky” way of getting exercise in for the whole family. It feeds so many of their senses, and as long as the conditions are reasonable and the hiking party is properly equipped (with water, snacks, and the correct temperature of clothing)… I’ve never seen a kid on the trails that didn’t absolutely love the experience. I like to think my kids will grow up as hiking being their normal way of life! Nature is so breathtaking, and has so much to offer children (and adults!) in the way of discovery and appreciation of animals and our gorgeous planet. Hiking in the outdoors gives you a calming big picture perspective – away from our hectic, fast-paced, non-stop engagement with screens lifestyle. I like to say it’s a little reality check, reminded us every now and then what’s really most important in life. We always come away from our hikes refreshed.

Adventurous Moms

The travels and adventures of two moms and their little boo! We hike, camp, and play outdoors, all the while writing about our adventures on our blog.

This Running Mom’s Life

As a stay at home mom to two energetic boys, we spend a lot of time outside. This Running Mom’s Life chronicles my training and racing as a runner as well as family fun activities. I try to life and enjoy life “one mile at a time”. Camping is one of my favorite family vacation destinations. It’s typically very cost effective and leads you to so many outside activities. Whether you stay local and explore the state parks or use camping to make a family vacation more affordable. While growing up, we camped almost everywhere we went and I was able to see so much more of the country this way. We are planning to do the same with our kids! Our family loves to take “Adventure Walks”. Sometimes these are just around our neighborhood looking for dinosaurs and sometimes they are at the local metro parks. We look at sticks, leaves, trees, flowers, we stop to watch worms cross the sidewalk. Basically we just explore our world. During the winter, we will go after dinner and take flashlights to see in the dark. Let’s face it, anything is more fun with a flashlight! Our adventure walks are a free, easy way to get everyone outside, to get a little exercise and have some great family time.

Odyssey Outdoors

I’m a mom of two boys, licensed marriage and family therapist, and avid outdoor enthusiast on a mission to merge family psychology, outdoor adventure, and sustainable living to help families thrive.

A Nature Mom

Photographer, writer, outdoors enthusiast… playing outside, capturing images of natural beauty, and sharing our family adventures, both big and small, around the San Francisco Bay and beyond. Anywhere outdoors. I love to capture images of children playing, especially in nature. Kids hate sitting for posed photos! Provide the child with a digital camera made for kids (one that can endure being dropped), and let the child play with it. Show them that they can take photos of little things close up, as well as wide-ranging landscape photos. It’s fun to see what they come up with.

Desert Survivor

Desert Survivor takes her family, including Desert Boy and Desert Girl, for adventures in the high desert. She particularly likes caves and getting dirty. Since she’s an ecologist, she can’t help but impart a few nature nuggets along the way. Go camping. It doesn’t matter where–it will get your kids outside. If you like a few extra amenities, some campgrounds come with swimming pools, special activities, and more.  Seriously, we often have the most fun with the simplest activities, especially if we can get dirty. We dig in volcano hill (a dirt hill that we’ve used for Diet Soda-mentos explosions), sail sticks down creeks, use dandelions to “write,” and play hide’n seek. All these outdoor activities make the kids more willing to go on bigger trips.

Tales of a Mountain Mama

Inspiring families to get outside and explore (especially with their young children.) Gear reviews, giveaways and plenty of ADVENTURE! Camping. Pick a spot, plan it and go…for a few nights (it gets easier with each passing night!) Campsites are relatively cheap, you don’t have to be locked into any certain spot and there are tons of options for making it comfortable and fun for everyone! Personally, I love the cold and winter weather, but also understand how it can be really tough especially with young children. My motto is “15 minutes outside every day…no matter what” (with a little wiggle room, of course!) I think investing in some good gear for kids (especially base and outer layers) is crucial and we talk about that a lot on the blog. Getting outside as a family (and being a good example for your kids) goes a really long way. If you love it, they love it! Check out the blog for tons of gear recommendations (and places to get good deals on them!)

The Kid Project

We are lovers, friends, hikers, skiers, climbers, dog owners and coffee lovers with a good dose of silly. We love Jesus. We love our family. And we love both of those things more when we are adventuring in the outdoors together. Southern Utah in the spring and fall. There are ton of National Parks, kid friendly hikes, and beautiful camping sites all over southern Utah. Our favorites are Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches and Canyonlands. Camping in Moab is super fun but also has the ease of a grocery store and a nice dinner out too.  My number #1 tip for hiking with kids? Make sure you are hiking somewhere! By that I mean have a destination, a water fall, lake, river, arch, summit. SOMETHING! Kids are goal oriented just like we are and walking just for walking doesn’t appeal to their imaginations…or their adventurous side. 🙂 On the flip side, don’t push the “goal” to hard. Sometimes the best hikes are ones where a few stops to play in the river are in order.

Wild Tales of…

Kate is an elementary school teacher, turned stay-at-home mom living in Seattle, Washington. As a mother and wife to a baby and husband who love adventure and are always on the move, she’s either on a trip or planning one up! Our best cold and wet weather investment this past year was a two-layer waterproof suit with fleece lining. The suit kept Bergen dry and warm throughout the fall and winter, and I’m sure the outside portion will come in handy this spring. He used the suit for outside play here in Seattle, it was great in the snow for our trip to the Tahoe area, and came in handy for a week of rainy and wet hiking on Orcas Island (North of Seattle). Also, the ends of the sleeves fold over to cover his hands, which means we never have to worry about losing mittens!  Even though we aren’t afraid to get a little wet and a little cold, we also know not to push it. We have our outside fun for a few hours, and then take a break to get warm and recharge. I’m also not one to turn down a nice, hot cup of coffee!

Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

Lisa Runs for Cupcakes chronicles my adventures in running and living an active lifestyle and serves as a way to hold myself accountable to my fitness goals. I hope that my readers and followers will find the motivation they need to meet their goals too! I really love Maine for an outdoor family vacation. Picking blueberries, hiking, kayaking, and just plain old exploring are some of the things that my family enjoys while visiting ME. I find that I am the one with the issues heading outdoors when it is cold, not my daughter. As long as she is bundled up, she is usually more than willing to head outside to play. It always helps to have a little hot chocolate waiting when you get back inside too! I love hiking or walking with my daughter on local trails or state parks. She enjoys the time exploring outside. Every summer, we try to head to Maine for some extra outdoor adventures. We love to walk along the beach, collect shells and rocks, and kayak to small islands nearby. Right now we are also very fortunate to live close to Washington, DC. There is so much to see on foot in the city, without any costs!

One Mom in Maine

A blog about raising happy kids while staying active, healthy, and outside as much as possible. One Mom in Maine is a teacher, healthy eater and distance runner who recently learned to surf. Maine is the place to go for outdoor fun. We have mountains and ocean and clean lakes for swimming, good skiing in the winter, and amazing foliage in the fall. I am so lucky to be raising kids in this state that is one big scenic view after another. Acadia National Park, an hour from where we live, is one of the must stunning places in the country, and it is a place my kids consider part of their playground.  Living in Maine, we have to accept cold weather as a major part of our lives, and embrace the outdoors anyway. As long as my kids have good ski pants and jackets, warm hats and mittens, there isn’t anything we can’t do all winter. My kids recently started enjoying snow showing, and they love to ski, but mostly we build snow forts and dig snow tunnels. In the fall and spring, we layer up and go hiking. Perhaps because we have always done this, my kids don’t seem to mind the cold at all.

Nature For Kids

Encouragment and ideas concerning wholesome outdoor recreation for kids and their parents. One of my favorite things about geocaching is seeing my family work together as a team to try and find a cache. We’ve found one inside a cave hidden under some rocks and another hanging from a tree in the middle of an island that we paddled out to. Each cache usually has a little surprise inside, a little toy and a log for you to sign. It could be the junkiest thing inside, like an old matchbox car, but my kids react as if it’s gold coins every time. I think geocaching teaches them to give too. Before we leave home we have the kids find little toys that they wouldn’t mind giving away. After we find a cache they put these toys inside the ammo box or whatever it is for others to find later. Their eyes light up and I can tell they are excited to leave something for the next passerby.

The Adventures in Parenthood Project

The Adventures in Parenthood Project is an exploration into the transition of outdoor adventurers to parenthood. My website for outdoor parents has a unique focus and explores not just outdoor parenting but also the transition of outdoor adventurers to parenthood. I started The Adventures in Parenthood Project before I even became pregnant, which eventually happened in June 2012. From there I used the project to explore my own journey as an outdoors enthusiast – familiar with a life full of spontaneity and independence – to motherhood. I live in an outdoorsy community where many couples struggle with the decision to have a child for fear of the impact that will have on their lifestyle. On the website I have been writing about my own experience and have also included interviews with other adventurous parents to establish different perspectives.

Bring The Kids

Proving that your outdoor adventures don’t have to end when you have kids. We love to hike, ski, raft, camp, and climb and we bring our 3 young kids along with us. Come follow us as we explore how and why kids should come along on outdoor adventures.

Life Elevated Mama

The Life Elevated Mama is a Canadian-born, Denver-dwelling, outdoor-loving mom of two. Family favorites include skiing, biking, hiking, skating and adventure travel in all its forms. She freelances as a family travel writer, and heads up the social media efforts for moms at the Denver Post. Hands down, our favorite activity as a family is hiking. And not the kind of hiking I used to do where I would try to bag as many peaks as possible. With kiddos who are 7 and 9, I’m trying to nurture a love of the outdoors and that means learning to not focus on the summit but on the journey and letting them explore on their terms. Climbing the umpteenth boulder along the trail. Taking a side trip to throw rocks in the river.

Inspired Camping

I’m a mum of 2 who loves camping & inspiring others to do the same in any way they choose. Either glamping in a retro campervan, vintage caravan or Airstream; under canvas in a yurt; or simple camping with a backpack & canopy. Its all good! My favorite outdoor activity I love to get involved in with my kids is a Beach or campsite Scavenger Hunt. It’s totally free and can help very young children develop their understanding of the world around them. Scavenger hunts are ideally suited to children under 9 years old, but if it’s made slightly more competitive and challenging then older children can be persuaded to take part too. It’s also an ideal activity to help break the ice for groups of children who have come together at a campsite. You can adapt the items below to include whatever’s available in the local area, so it doesn’t have to happen at the beach. The best bit is these hunts are free, get everyone active, out into the fresh air and learning about their surroundings.

Cragmama – For Adventures Big and Small

Starting a family doesn’t mean an end to outdoor adventure! My goal is to be a resource and inspiration for moms and moms-to- be to continue in an active lifestyle – climbing, biking, hiking, or even just logging more outdoor hours in the backyard! We are a rock climbing family, so our favorite thing to do is head to the mountains and hike/climb/explore together. Our family’s favorite weekend destination is the New River Gorge in West Virginia. It has world class climbing, but for the non-climbers it also offers great hiking, biking, rafting and camping opportunities.

A Little Campy

The Campy Mom’s Guide to family camping- from pitching tents to pitching fits. Camping tips for camping with kids, camping recipes, camping gear and reviews and lots of laughs, too!

Running Monologue

A blog about living a creative, healthy, and happy life in the great outdoors. Stacey is a mother of two, a writer, teacher, and runner who blogs about everything from trail running to growing an herb garden journaling with children. Our favorite activity is hiking with the kids. I love trail running, and my husband is an avid mountain biker, and we take the kids along with us on trail runs and bike rides, but our favorite is hiking, especially when we can take our time, discover secret hideaways, examine rocks and trees and animals, and just talk. Walking side by side is one of the best ways I know to really talk to one another, to connect in ways that you ordinarily might not.

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