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25 Best Mom Party Bloggers & Websites To Follow

Are you a mom who loves party planning? We’re looking for moms who blog about DIY party favors, fun food ideas, creative decorations, and everything needed to plan special occasions.

Kara’s Party Ideas

Kara’s Party Ideas is a one stop spot for all your party idea needs! Access hundreds of children’s birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, holiday parties and more! Search any party category or theme. Get DIY tutorials, tips & even tricks! I loved making my own tassel banner using plastic tablecloths and ribbon. It was the perfect backdrop for the Rainbow Party I styled, but could be customized to suit any color palette and used for SO MANY different party themes! There are so many party snacks that can be healthy and still appealing to kids, from fruit (watermelon, berries, applesauce packs) to crackers (animal crackers, graham crackers, goldfish crackers) to low calorie popcorn. One of my favorite things to do with snacks for kids is to display them in something small and easy for them to pick up and carry. A few of my top picks are nut cups, fry boxes and mini popcorn boxes.


blogger/author/food&party; sylist! get ideas, photos, tricks, tips, tutorials, and inspiration to make your next event incredible!! parties and tutorials on everything from recipes, crafts, kids activities, and lots of MACARONS!

Jacolyn Murphy Designs

I am on a quest to make every event Simple and Special…I highlight everything from Parties, Invitations and Favors to Recipes and Gifts on my blog. Every Mom needs ways to make things Easy and Unique. Let’s have fun! I get really excited about DIY projects, especially when it fits in perfectly with a party theme! I recently planned an Instagram Themed Party and looked all over for “hashtags” to be used for the decor. Then it dawned on my how easily they could be made and they would be exactly how I wanted them. Glittered paper, double sided tape, glue gun and fishing line was all it took. I think the best way to make party snacks and drinks more enticing is through the presentation. I always have bottled water at parties and children and adults are always drawn to them when they have a fun, party themed label. One of my favorites are the labels I do for video game parties

Live the fancy life

A blog dedicated to making every day fancy. Party planning, event design, DIY projects, home design, shopping and parenting. I recently put together a modern black, white and green cow party for my son’s second birthday. I think several desserts were amazing! I knew we had to have cow cake pops because my son loves cake pops and I wanted something quirky and fun. We also had a traditional birthday cake. But I added in Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe cookies and piled them up high for another dessert that would go a long way with toddlers and kids.  I always recommend the same thing when friends ask what I consider an important element. The best DIY project for a party is a backdrop for a food or dessert table. I have featured many options for dessert table backdrops under $15 or even under $5 in some cases, on my blog, so I really believe that anyone can make it happen for any party.

Smart Party Planning

Smart Party Planning covers every aspect of planning a party to enable you to create a truly wonderful party. Pop over to search for party theme ideas, tips, party printables and a printable checklist. For those of you that know me, you will know that I am not a great baker. I can certainly appreciate fine looking and tasting desserts, but creating them is a different story! I therefore generally go with simple but effective ideas, that someone will any skill level can achieve.  I think the presentation of desserts is just as important as the dessert itself, so for instance using cookie cutters for different shapes can add an instant creative flare and also tie in with the party theme. Cookie cutters don’t need to be used just for cookies, so you can be creative with shapes for fairy bread, fruit, brownies…the list goes on!!

BellaGrey Designs

Where Imagination, Inspiration and Celebration come together. We create custom party decor for children’s parties, baby showers and much more. We love to have our kids get in on the New Year’s Eve fun, without staying up much past their bedtime. We usually get dressed up, like we’re going to a party, and create a mini dessert and snack table with fun beverages like a sparkling punch and ginger ale. We get out games and listen to dance music, then we do our own count down. When we get down to “midnight” we blow horns and pop balloons!! The kids have so much fun. After we all change into our PJs, we read the kids a new book to start off the new year and off to bed they go!

Eye Candy Event Details

“If you can IMAGINE it . . . we can CREATE it!” ~ Specializing in the little details that give your event that special touch! ~ weddings. ~ DECOR DESIGN ~ EVENT DESIGN ~ LOGO DESIGN. One of my favorites was one of the simplest. I created Americana cupcake cones & rockcandy cupcakes for a party. They were such a hit, easy to make & everyone LOVED them! I love simple, easy snacks for kids. Just because you have a party, does NOT mean it can’t be healthy! It can be as simple as using cute cups to hold some grapes or making fruit kabobs with sliced fruit.

Pretty My Party

Your invitation to stylish celebrations. Parties, weddings, crafts, recipes, and more!

Daisy and Finns Party Ideas

Inspiration for creative kids parties, activities and mischief ! A cool , quirky edit of living with kids in East London. Daisy’s Mad Scientist party was fantastic. It was Halloween so really easy for costumes and ghoulish party treats. Each child had a work station with safety goggles, stained apron ( red food colouring), on each tray they had a jug, mixing bowls, test tubes, pipettes etc etc. We set up about 4 experiments for examples neutralising vampire blood with ground garlic ( bicarbonate of soda mixed with vinegar & red food colouring). They then had free time & we provided lots of containers of flour, bicarb, vinegar, colour water etc .They were so engrossed in mixing & experimenting it was fantastic . The only way to get them to stop was by doing ‘explosions’ is mentos in cola! Lunch was served in individual plastic cauldrons which then doubled as part bags ( re filled as they made explosions).It was fantastic! There are photos and lots of other great party ideas on our blog


I’m a craft & party blogger, with an obessision for creating all sorts of fun shin-digs! I love planning fun events & parties, and making each day a FUN celebration! My daughter is the ultimate girly-girl! She’s really into the glam, zebra, chandelier, and Selena Gomez scene! I secretly LOVE all of this too, so when I created her 11th birthday to reflect her love of all things glam, I think I had MORE fun than all the guests! I did a lot of DIY decorating, and some really fun furniture remodeling! In fact, the pieces that I refurbished, ended up in her bedroom! No matter what party I throw, the planning, inspiration seeking, and of course the execution, are ALWAYS the most fun for me!

The Hip Hostess

Recipes, menus and tips to help you entertain with style! My recipes are healthy with a focus on seasonal produce (other than the occasional decadent dessert) and have been published in Vegetarian Times and other print publications.

Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

Parties, Cupcakes, Confections, Decor & More! Read my blog and join me on a ‘crazy’ ride as I chronicle my adventures, mishaps and victories of developing my boutique Party Styling & Stationery business. For my daughter’s most recent birthday party, I was running out of time and knew I wouldn’t be able to bake her cake. I am known for making her cakes & cupcakes….and most of the desserts…so, I knew how I wanted it to look but didn’t want to pay a lot of money for a bakery to do a fancy cake. So, I went to my grocery store bakery, ordered a diner cake with plain white frosting. I used rock candy, fondant toppers and sugar sheets from my own supply to decorate her cake. It took me less than 20 minutes to decorate the cake and it was delicious.


I love every party I’ve done, but I absolutely love the Sprinkles themed birthday party I recently threw for my 3 year old daughter. She’s the one who suggested the theme, and as soon as she did, I knew it was brilliance! I love themes that are simple, accessible, whimsical–but not available at my local party store. I went nuts making sprinkle treats and crafts. Hooray for Sprinkles! Here’s the link to the first post in the series, including many tutorials of the things I made for the part

A Baker’s Dozen and Apollo XIV

I am a mom to 14 and a professional photographer. I love reading, knitting, coffee and throwing awesome themed parties fro my kids! Motherhood is hard. Too hard to not enjoy it along the way. I remind myself of this constantly. If things aren’t fun, if I’m not enjoying being a mom, something’s wrong. That’s when I take a step back and see what I can do to add a little more fun into our lives. PLAN. That’s my tip. Cooking for a crowd as big as mine, is nearly impossible without some kind of plan. Every time I get lazy about planning I regret it. Ideally, I plan our week’s worth of meals on the weekend, doing the shopping AND prep our veggies and meat ahead of time. This way, even when life gets crazy, we all get fed.

Fun. Stylish. Unique. Inspiration to help you throw a party they’ll never forget! I’m really into custom centerpieces right now. I have a rustic wooden box (you can use a small crate or anything similar), and I fill it with goodies to match the party theme, and use it as a centerpiece for the party table. For instance, for our Alice in Wonderland party, I lined the box with foam and covered it with moss. Then I inserted little cupcake pedestals into the foam. I made brightly colored flower cupcakes and displayed them on the pedestals, then made paper butterflies to dance around the cupcakes. For Halloween, I used the same box, but changed the cupcakes to orange pumpkins, and swapped the butterflies for paper bats. I also added spiders to the outside of the box. Super fun! I have a neat idea up my sleeve for the upcoming 4th of July party, so you’ll have to stay tuned to the website for that one!

Southern Belle’s Charm

Natalie Clause, founder of Southern Belle’s Charm, is one of Las Vegas’ most creative and innovative up-and-coming event stylists for children. To each event she styles, Natalie brings her own unique sense of style and southern charm. I love wreaths at the entrance to every party. I make them for my clients all the time but you could easily assemble a wreath with just a few supplies. Try to involve the theme whenever possible. For instance when I styled a garbage party for a client, I used newspapers, trash bags and jute to achieve a cute by trashy design. I love using different types of sweets in a unique way. Whether it be Rocket Pops made out of ice cream cups filled with cotton candy and topped with nerd filled saucers, cookies tied with a string to hang or fondant covered cookies hanging on a mug — unique twists are always visually fun!

Giggles Galore

Event & food stylist/party planner/blogger turning the ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY one creative idea at a time. Inspiring families to celebrate life’s little moments with creative, budget friendly recipes, crafts and party ideas. Dessert tables are a huge trend for parties and the perfect backdrop is what can make or break your beautiful display. You can make a DIY frame for the perfect party backdrop. Just change out the fabric or paper in the frame to create a stunning backdrop to match your party theme. I also like to think outside the box and get creative with my backdrops and have used everything from pallets, dry wall from the home improvement store and fabric curtains to make an eye catching DIY party backdrop.

Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

Lynlee’s Petite Cakes specializes in fondant and party inspiration! Readers will find party ideas, cupcake designs and fondant tutorials as inspiration for unforgettable celebrations. For my mother’s birthday last year, I wanted her to feel relaxed and pampered, so I decided to throw her a spa-themed party. For the dessert table, I used several different creative desserts that tied back to the theme. The cupcakes were made to match the black rock decor, also resembling a fountain with bamboo embellishments. Other thematic desserts included cucumber rice krispies, pumice stone biscotti, cotton marshmallows, loufa cotton candy, nail file wafers, facial scrub yogurt and more! I love relating party details back to the overall theme, especially with the dessert table!

Party Pinching

Dessert Recipes

Providing budget friendly party ideas. Sweet treat and cute food inspiration! My son’s birthday is late in the summer so we thought a great party would be a S’mores theme. We had marshmallow pops and all sorts of different candy bars to make s’mores with. I made s’mores cupcakes, s’mores mini pies and even a s’mores snack mix everyone could take home in cute little mason jars

GreyGrey Designs

GreyGrey Designs is a boutique event planning company, founded by a former wedding and event planner, who is now a stay-at-home mom! We specialize in upscale, unique showers and birthday parties in the home. There are so many things that you can DIY for parties. My signature party decor for the parties for my own little boys is a large hanging in my foyer. I usually make these out of large pieces of cardboard or science fair backdrops. I love having a big impact piece right when guests walk in the door.  Anyone can cut a big number out of cardboard using an Xacto knife! Garlands can also be made of anything! I even made a garland out of taco shells for a fiesta party! It cost $5 at the most! Try to push yourself out of the box and look at normal, everyday things to make into party decor!

Party Patisserie

We provide great party planning ideas, party inspiration, fun DIY’s, recipes and dessert inspiration and more. There are so many, but, a large cake is a great idea. Usually there are so many sweets at a party already so I like to use a pretend cake as a centerpiece which serves as a great decoration as well. For example, in my SWEET ON YOU valentine party I covered 2 styrafoam circles with craft paper and stacked them. Then decorated it with rock candy and meringue cookies for the frosting. I also pushed in my chocolate lip suckers which was a perfect way to display them. There you have a show stopping decoration and table centerpiece in one. I don’t know if this is the most creative idea I’ve come up with but it sure was fun to make and the kids and adults loved it. Fruity Smoothies with Googly Eyeballs? All you do is make your favorite smoothies then whip up a batch of meringue to make into eyeball shapes, insert chocolate chips for eyes, an cook on a wooden stick.

Divine Party Concepts

To me a party is not just about the “stuff” but it is about creating memories. Find ideas for small intimate parties to more elaborate affairs. You will also find recipes for entertaining, DIY tutorials, along with other great. Keep party snacks easy for smaller kids but make them fun by serving them in different containers. Use cupcake holders and party cups to serve graham crackers, chex mix or fruit in. You can also display food on popsicle sticks or lollipop sticks. I served pizza on a stick and cut out fruits for a Rock Star party. Another idea from my daughter’s rainbow party is the balloon arch that we made to go over the pool. You can create the balloon arch as a backdrop, an entrance or as added decor. Use the colors to fit your theme to bring another great accent to your celebration.

Made by a Princess Parties in Style

I specialize in creating custom party products for anything party or wedding related. My blog is about sharing my passion for entertaining. You will find everything from DIYs, recipes, tips, ideas, and photos from my own parties. I loved the Incredibles themed party we did for my son’s 4th birthday. One of the best activities of the day was the one where the kids wrapped up the bad guys (two dads) and the team that secured their bad guy the fastest won. We then had the bad guys try and get out of their crepe paper chains as fast as they could…the kids loved that the best. The kids still remember that and tell me how much fun they had. One of my favorite cakes, however, was the pirate chest.

Double the Fun Parties

Double the Fun Parties creates inspired children’s parties. Our blog features our own events and parties by moms like you! We also offer tutorials and a free printable every Friday.  Back to school and end of the school year parties are so much for to host! I created a Junie B. Jones-inspired party that would be a blast for either celebrations. The decor was very much school-themed: a library card catalog, giant pencil, lunch box, Junie B books, easel, paper clips, a doll’s school desk — and more! One of my favorites was hanging Junie B books from the chandelier over our dining room table — easy, DIY and no crafting involved!

A Blissful Nest

A entertaining and lifestyle blog dedicated to bringing personalized party and home decor to the modern momma. I love to use interesting containers, vases and bowls to use in my table displays. For our Hippity Hoppin’ Easter Party, I used egg cups to hold mini fruit tarts and layered a glass vase with sixlettes and chocolate covered pretzel sticks coming out. I also created a lollipop patch using peeps on lollipop sticks and chocolate covered oreos. I covered a floral Styrofoam in moss on the top and wrapped the sides with burlap. A few edible daisies were spread around the bottom to create a little edible flower garden. The kids loved eating up the garden!

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