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Summer is here, and taking a vacation is on our minds. But these families are doing things a little differently. Instead of just traveling during the vacation months, they spend their every-day lives traveling around the world!

Around the World with Luca

In summer 2010, Linda, Phil and 2 year old Luca set off around the world by bike. To date they have cycled from France to Hungary and through Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam picking up some extra cargo along the way with no. 2 in January 2012.

Our Traveling Tribe

The travel journal of a fulltime RV family of 13 (with another on the way!). We share both our trials and our triumphs as we travel the country touring National Parks and playing camp host while checking out places to see in our home state of Montana.

Suitcases and Sippy Cups

A family that lets the world be their classroom as they travel together making memories. Travel tips and guides to great family locations are served up with touch of humor on the side, along with stories to inspire families to pack up and go. I suppose it would be cheating to say that I would like to take them everywhere, but it really is hard to choose just one place. If I had to choose right this minute, I would choose Legoland. I know it’s not exotic or deeply meaningful, but they would love every minute of it. They are all at an age where they are so into Legos and would immerse themselves in every aspect of the park.

Sometimes I feel sorry for them that they have parents who drag them to places like Greece and Amsterdam. It would be great for them to get to go on a vacation that was tailored around their interests.  Just do it. As moms we are so prone to analyze and over think every decision and every detail of our children’s life. When it comes to traveling with kids, there are plenty of good excuses that we can rattle off to keep us at home. It’s too hard. We’re too busy. They’re too young. And while those are all probably true, they are still just excuses that hold us back from something great. The best part of parenting is seizing the moment, and those moments happen every minute when you have the courage to pack your bags and your stroller and hit the road. Don’t miss those moments waiting for ‘someday.’ Do it today.

The Luxury Travel Mom

Swank hotel reviews, travel tips and inside secrets for the mom who doesn’t want to vacation at the HoJo just because she has a family. We took all four children to London last month. My younger boys found these cool fedoras they just had to have. We thought they looked so cute cruising around Londontown in their fly hats. Then we saw our 8 year old sitting at a corner with his hat upturned trying to get people to toss in coins. Horrified, my husband asked him what the ^&*( he was thinking. He said “I see people doing it everywhere, it looks like a good way to make money.” Do more research than you think you need to, and never forget the band-aid box, that’s always when someone gets hurt.

The Family Adventure Project

Inspiration, ideas & advice for families who want to adventure together. Stuart and Kirstie’s blog shares 10 years experience of active, outdoor, independent adventuring with kids, with links to other active and adventurous families around the world. Travelling with kids is no harder than being at home with kids, it’s just parenting in different places. It can be great fun, educational and great family bonding. If you’re interested in adventurous travel with kids, our advice is dream big, start small, get help and advice from those who’ve done it and then get out there and learn for yourself. You don’t need to have all the answers to get started, just inspiration, imagination, a little patience and the determination to make it happen and enjoy it, whatever happens.

Family Adventure Project

On our trips together we find we always laugh more than we do at home. This is partly due to being out of our depth culturally, and partly due to bonding and shared experiences. We also find its important to see the funny side of things in adverse circumstances. Like trying to meet up the with the van driver who would transport our bikes home at the end of the trip in Venice, where neither bikes or vehicles are permitted to enter. Or finding out I was pregnant two months in to a year long cycle trip of New Zealand, Samoa and The States. Often the children bring their own comedy; and they always bring, or collect their own toys; like the three kg of stones we had to lug around the Baltics. This year we have 18 smurfs hanging off our handlbars. Life is a comedy; you just have to see it that way.

Baby Loves to Travel

Global travel with your kids should be simple and fun! A blog about travelling with young children, offering mums and dads helpful travel tips and product reviews, as well as advice on activities for kids in all the places we visit. If you loved travelling before kids, then you should continue the tradition with kids! The thought of travelling with kids (very young kids in particular) can be overwhelming, but if you do your groundwork and prepare before you leave, you will be pleasantly surprised. Of course there are going to be trials and tribulations (life at home offers these as well) but I think the positives of travel far outweigh the negatives. Plus travelling with your kids offers personal growth opportunities for all involved. Children in particular grow and learn through travel. I’d love for my kids to become responsible global citizens, and we try our utmost through frequent travel to expose them to the different ways of the world and the multitude of cultures that exist around us. One other piece of advice – always get travel insurance, no matter what!

This is a “funny after the event” experience. We spent an afternoon snorkeling on a remote spot on the Red Sea (Egypt) with a group of friends. There was a camel nearby and my husband took our 11 month old daughter over to have a closer inspection. The owner of the camel asked us if we’d like a photo of her with the camel while it was sitting. “sure” we thought, “why not?”. BUT then without warning he climbed on the camel and commanded it to stand with our precious cargo tucked under his arm! Apparently to show her off to the nearby villagers. We had a good laugh about it later, but my heart was beating quickly at the time watching my precious baby trot off on a camel.

Have Baby Will Travel

Have Baby Will Travel is your online destination for hotel reviews, trip reports, destination information, useful articles, travel tips and packing lists, all geared to those traveling with babies and small children. We’ve traipsed all over with our little ones, but one of the funniest memories is of my son when we visited Walt Disney World. At only 20mos he was a big fan of Cinderella. In the Rose Garden he tried to plant one on her with his face covered in drool and his nose running.

Have Baby Will TravelHe screamed with delight when we had the Cinderella character meal at 1900 Park Fare. Who would have thought our Cars-crazed toddler would be more excited than his big sister to see a princess?! I understand the temptation to try to cram as much in to a trip as possible, but you’ll all be much happier if you pace yourselves and make a point of scheduling in downtime. If I fear I’m missing out on something that’s typically a “must-see”, I try to look at it as a good reason to return one day.


Walkingon Travels

When you won’t let the kids stop your wanderlust, this is the place to go. A full time mom and freelance writer with a background in photography and journalism looks past the fears and books trips to make lifelong memories. Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t beat yourself up over mistakes you make. I constantly make the same mistake when it comes to sleep and getting my son back on schedule once we land in a new place. There is no perfect way to travel. You just have to trust that you will figure it out as you go, just like you do at home. The hardest part of travel is taking that first step out the door. Once you get past that it really does get easier.  The first time we traveled to China, we were very taken aback by the sheer number of people that wanted to say hello to our son. Blonde hair and blue eyes is a dime a dozen in the States. In China, he was quite unique. I was hesitant at first. What did these people want with my son? Nothing. They just wanted to shake his hand and say hi. Something that started out as a bit odd turned into the best part of our trip. We met so many more people than any other trip we had taken. By the end of our trip we had him posing like a pro with all of his many fans. We learned a valuable lesson- our son was a door into local life. Instead of standing back and watching the others around us, he threw us right into the mix with his curiosity and cuteness.

The Silent I

Family travel adventures, foreign and domestic, by a globe-trottng family of three from the SF Bay Area. Tips, travelogues, and photography from Tokyo to Tripoli, Greenland to the Galapagos, and various points around the world and in the US. Glennia Headshot Square The Silent I is an award-winning family travel and lifestyle blog written and published by San Franciso Bay Area writer, mother, and attorney Glennia Campbell. Established in 2005, The Silent I chronicles Glennia’s family’s travels, life in the midst of the Silicon Valley high tech roller coaster, and parenting a tween boy. The Silent I travel posts are syndicated through Lonely Planet and We Blog the World.


Created by a Southern California mother of two special needs teens,the beautifully written blog aims to inspire and encourage autistic families to explore and experience the world . Margalit is living in sunny Southern California with her husband of twenty years and her two teen sons, one of whom is on the autistic spectrum. Having been raised since infancy in a multicultural environment, she has exposed and educated her own children about the world through extensive travel over the last decade. In 2009, Margalit Francus established a nonprofit website, Autistic Globetrotting, to inspire and encourage autistic families to explore the world. Her articles have appeared in many media publications, including,The friendship circle Blog.SATH ,Autisable and Blogher. By communicating with both the autistic and travel communities, she aims to raise autism awareness and facilitate the implementation of much needed accomodations for special needs travelers.

Ciao Bambino!

Ciao Bambino is an award-winning family travel resource featuring tips, destination-related advice, and comprehensive hotel reviews for all ages and interests. Ciao Bambino provides the information parents need to know when planning a vacation with kids. Don’t try to pack it all in. Many times with kids, less is more. Approach a new destination thinking that you will visit again in the future. Choose your must-see activities and then have a secondary list of activities that you’ll do only if the timing is right and you won’t be disappointed if you can’t fit them into the schedule. A visit to Versailles, one of the most famous sites of the French Revolution. The kids were so cranky and inclined to disagree that we felt like we were experiencing our own mini French Revolution. It wasn’t funny while we were living it but now as we look back on the pictures it is at least memorable and the looks of torture on their faces make us laugh.

Ciao Bambino!

Backpack to Buggy

Travel with the kids, not for the kids. Leave lots of extra time when traveling with kids.  Before kids, we might have be able to visit two museums, take a tour, and have a couple of remarkable meals at notable restaurants in one day. Now I cut that in half and accept that we may only end up doing one thing a day. Also, I make sure for two days of activity, we have one day of downtime. Kids see different things, so may have no interest in look at art, but could ride the escalators up and down all day. All the changes of travel can leave kids tired and cranky. All the negotiating with the kids to get them off the escalator and in front of the art can leave parents tired and cranky. Leaving time to go back the hotel for a nap or a dip in the pool can be an emotional lifesaver.

Backpack to Buggy random header image

Child Mode

Child Mode offers news and current information on the top designers in the children’s fashion industry, clothing trends, hot accessories and products for babies, toddlers, and kids! Celebrity styles, high-end family travel destinations are also featured. Just go with the flow and try to leave high expectations at home. Kids will be kids and whether you are road tripping, cruising, visiting Disney World or just playing tourists, your plans may not go exactly as planned. This is actually a perk in disguise and you may find yourself experiencing things you wouldn’t have had you traveling solo or as a couple. Traveling with children forces you to slow down and smell the roses ;).

Livin On The Road

We are a family of six travelling Australia indefinitely in a 22′ caravan. We’ve been on the road for 1.5 years. We’re exploring pristine beaches to temperate rainforests, rugged coastlines to inland seas, ski resorts to deserts, desert oasis to vineyards. We can now be usually found in the Australian outback, staying well off the beaten track. Amy homeschools the kids, and works as a pharmacist to support their travels. She designs and manages the website and does the writing. Jarrad’s an electrician, and the family photographer.

It Began In Camp 4

A family with 3 kids under 7 that has covered over 12,000 miles by car in the last 2 years. When you travel with kids, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. We mostly travel by car and the kids do a lot better when we keep to no more than 6 or 7 hours of driving time each day and find *something* to do in each city we stop at. Sometimes that’s just visiting a really cool playground, sometimes it’s making the time to stop in the visitor’s center at a National Park. When we really focus on the trip rather than just the destination, the kids tolerate the drive so much better.

Mum’s Gone To…

Mum’s Gone to Iceland….then Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. Modelling myself on Bill Bryson – minus the beard. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, I read geography at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. I live in South Lincolnshire with my GP husband, Dougie. Our son, Rory, was born in 1996 and has now flown the nest. Dougie and I would be delighted to review accommodation/trips as a couple, although we do understand what it’s like to have a toddler or a teen in tow so we can review family-friendly holidays too.

The Mother of All Trips

Bringing the world to your kids – and your kids to the world. This blog is part travelogue, part memoir, part meditation on motherhood, with just a dash of how-to. Whether you are, heading across the world or across town, traveling with kids takes effort and energy and there are always reasons to stay home. But it’s pretty much always worth it.  How do I know? I spent 13 months traveling with a one-year-old during the course of which I learned how to get by without any babyproofing whatsoever, how to keep toys to a manageable minimum, how to eat out with a toddler, and how to introduce myself to strangers, how to pack so that the most critical items were always accessible. Travel may be less glamorous, more work-intensive, and sometimes more costly with children than without, but it is also more deliberate and meaningful. At the outset of our long trip, I flattered myself that I was going to show my child the world and teach him to love travel, but in hindsight I realized that he did these things for me. How? By helping me to focus, always, on what was in front of me.

Chincoteague clams The Mother of all Trips

Pit Stops for Kids

In addition to providing travel tips and product and resort reviews for family-friendly vacations, Pit Stops for Kids goes one step further by providing readers with fun, kid-friendly, and educational pit stops along the way. It’s hard to narrow it down to one piece of travel advice, but generally speaking, I’d have to say my advice is to GO. Don’t wait for the kids to be ‘old enough’, don’t wait to have the extra cash (within reason, of course), and don’t wait for school holidays to coincide perfectly with work schedules and sports practices. Just pack up and leave and enjoy the family time whenever and wherever you can get it! We’ve had many a mishap, but one of the funniest (in hindsight) was when our son Calvin, who gets notoriously car sick, threw up in our van just miles before arriving at our destination. The smell was terrible (even after trying to clean it up roadside) but we figured we were lucky to we didn’t have to put up with it for long…until we pulled into our four-star hotel and realized the only parking option was valet. We were mortified to hand over the keys, knowing what awaited the poor man!


FindandGoSeek is parents’ trusted source in northern Vermont. With fresh ideas everyday, we keep you in the know with weekend events, after-school activities, camps, festivals, story times & so much more. From teens to tots, we have something for everyone. Be ready for anything, but be open to anything. Travel is about the experience. If you want it to be just like home then you should stay home.  I would love to spend 3-6 months traveling through Europe with a loose plan. I want to show my children that travel can be spontaneous and although we have plans to stay one place, something might peak our interest and take us in a new direction and that would be alright. My husband’s family comes from Ireland and although we have been, the children never have. I’d like to start there and end in Eastern Europe where my family is from.

The Northwest Camper

A guide to Camping and Outdoor Family Fun! Hi! I’m Nicole and I’m The Northwest Camper. I’m also a happy, pampered camper because we use a new-to-us travel trailer that we purchased in 2010. My family and I love to camp in Washington, Oregon and Idaho campgrounds with our yellow dog, Riley. We spent 29 nights in our “home away from home” in 2010. My mission is to provide you with the latest information on camping in the great Northwest . Come back often for money-saving tips, campground and product reviews, and all the infomation you need to plan your trip and be a pampered camper!

The Northwest Camper

Two and a Half Travelers

Two and a Half Travelers offers observations, trends and helpful advice for couples seeking memorable pre and post baby vacations. Although it’s unlikely to ever make the international adoption handbook, our first trip as a family of 4 began less than an hour after we met our youngest son. After a 2yr wait, scheduling and circumstance conspired to put our newly formed family in the back of a Qualis hurtling at top speeds through the curvy jungle roads of Southern India. Since the newest addition to our family had rarely experienced road travel what happened next should have come as no surprise but I’m embarrassed to admit that we were all absolutely astounded and unprepared when our little guy threw up the ENTIRE length of the 1.5 hour journey. Despite 4+ years of solid parenting experience I teetered on the brink of tears the entire ride, convinced that our youngest would always associate us with dry heaves. Luckily our younger son remembers very little of this trip but it did make a big impression on our older son-the onlooker-who loves to bring up his younger brother’s shockingly weak stomach whenever possible.


Poshbrood is family travel site for Posh parents and their brood. It’s a free catalog of hip cottages, hotels, resorts and inns. Each property is “Mom-tested” and “Poshbrood-approved”. Poshbrood is also a full-service Virtuoso We were flying to CA while I was breastfeeding our second daughter, Lucy. I had a bottle of breastmilk with me that the flight attendant graciously heated for me. I was standing in the galley and uncapped the bottle. Because of pressure some milk squirted out and sprayed a businessman waiting for the bathroom. It got on his hand. He shrugged, smiled and then LICKED IT OFF. He said, “Yum, just right!” and had no idea it was my breastmilk. I just about wet my pants. What a nice man!

Traveling Tek

Traveling computer technician and family. We are traveling the country in a 30ft trailer for work and homeschooling our children as we go. The blog chronicles our travels, trips to zoos, museums, and all of the swell people we meet along the way. My one piece of travel advice would be that you should never listen to the naysayers who tell you that it’s too hard to travel with kids, that they won’t remember it anyway or any other words of wisdom designed to keep you at home. I believe that you can travel just about anywhere with kids provided that you keep the interests and limitations of the children in mind while planning the trip, recognize that flexibility is key because nothing goes according to plan when kids are involved, and realize that you will have to slow down and accept that you won’t be able to see or do everything. Travel is a very enriching experience for families and there is a whole world out there to explore. Once you have taken the first step it will just get easier and you will never regret it.

Gone With the Family

A blog from a Mom who has been travelling for more than 15 years with kids in tow – one trip at a time. Includes personal trip reports as well as news, tips and musings about traveling with kids and keeping everyone in the family reasonably happy. My one piece of travel advice would be that you should never listen to the naysayers who tell you that it’s too hard to travel with kids, that they won’t remember it anyway or any other words of wisdom designed to keep you at home. I believe that you can travel just about anywhere with kids provided that you keep the interests and limitations of the children in mind while planning the trip, recognize that flexibility is key because nothing goes according to plan when kids are involved, and realize that you will have to slow down and accept that you won’t be able to see or do everything. Travel is a very enriching experience for families and there is a whole world out there to explore. Once you have taken the first step it will just get easier and you will never regret it.

World Traveled Family

The best travel locations, tips, gear and travel news daily for families on the go!

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