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Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms Blogs

25 Best Vegetarian & Vegan Mom Bloggers & Websites To Follow

Are you a vegetarian or vegan mom blogger? We’re looking for blogs that share kid friendly recipes, cooking tips, product reviews and advice for families living vegan or vegetarian lifestyles.

Don’t Fear The Vegan

Don’t Fear The Vegan is written by working mommy, Steffi who veganizes comfort foods from her childhood and creates new and unique recipes. Along with recipes there are also vegan tips and questions plus a list of her little vegans favorite recipes. Do your homework on dietary needs. There are certain things that are very difficult to get from a vegan diet and supplements are highly recommended. The clinical information is often dry reading and often hard to follow, so it may be beneficial to ask around in the blogsphere, get advice and pick and choose the ideas that fit in best for your family. People that know our little vegan, say she should be a poster child for the cause. At 8 she has never needed antibiotics and when she does get sick she gets over it after a good days sleep. She has a slender but muscular build, she is active in Tae Kwan Do, plays soccer, and never runs out of energy (literally, and this makes for a very tired mom and dad.) Plus she is currently working at an eighth grade level in every subject except reading, which she dislikes with a passion.

Chubby Vegan Mom

I’m one of those rare and elusive chubby vegans and I happen to be a mom, a Chubby Vegan Mom. With Chubby Vegan Dad’s help, we’re raising our children, Pearyn and Braeburn, to lead compassionate lives. And we bake some cruelty-free cupcakes along the way. Start finding ways to incorporate your favorite meals into meatless varieties. We like to use lentils in place of ground “beef,” so we make lentil tacos, lentil sloppy joes and even lentilloaf. Can the vegan lifestyle be incredibly healthy? Of course. Is it the reason behind our decision to abstain from animal products? Absolutely not. Being vegan is a lifestyle, it’s a decision to be cruelty-free, not just healthy.

Arohanui Vegan Love

Having compassion and love as a vegan in all aspects of life from early childhood & natural learning, gardening, photography, health & wellness, food, birth, breastfeeding, travel, & all things vegan. Live a healthy lifestyle and lead by example. Zaedyn eats healthy and enjoys a variety of vegan food simply because he watches us eating the same foods. We took on more of a baby led weaning approach when introducing him to solids, and I believe this has contributed to a positive environment around food by allowing him to choose. Zaedyn loves green smoothies because he is involved in the process of putting ingredients in or watching, and holding the button if we use our hand held blender.

Fried Dandelions

I am a vegan mom raising a vegan 2 year old. My blog is full of kid tested recipes that will satisfy everyone in your family, from the pickiest toddler to your meat eating husband! Check it out—you’re sure to find a recipe you’ll love! Choose a few meals that don’t need to be veganized and try them—vegetable curry, rice and beans, pasta with marinara sauce, etc. Also try to veganize some of your family’s favorite pre-vegan meals. Find a few dishes that work for you and slowly add new ones to your repertoire. Check out a few good vegan cookbooks from your library and follow some blogs on line. You’ll be amazed at how many people will help you make this change!


I blog weekly about my family’s waste free, plant based, bento lunches. I use creativity and color to find new ways to introduce vegetables, fruits and alternative protein sources to your family. Since being vegan is a lifestyle, it is important to know what other non food related items might be hiding animal products. Being eco-friendly is also a part of our lifestyle, and I think you will find that you will find awesome products that are not tested on animals and are vegan. Although it sounds like so many changes and things to give up, it can be quite easy. You quickly become aware of ingredients or conscious of brands that you support.

Vegan Mother Hubbard

Hello! I’m Sandra. This is a blog about me and my vegan family. Each day, I post a little something about my family. I’ll share vegan recipes and meal ideas, stories about my silly twin daughters, and things I’ve learned. Don’t be afraid, and if it takes a while to transition from omnivore to veg, don’t beat yourself up about it. Get some friendly vegan cookbooks (look for the authors Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Sarah Kramer). Check out veg blogs for recipe ideas. And ask lots of questions. I’ve never met a veg blogger or author who isn’t happy to field questions about being vegan. Want to know how to make your favorite meal vegan? Ask. Looking for a vegan product to replace one made with animal products? Ask. Unsure about subbing ingredients in a recipe? Ask. The internet is a wonderful tool for making the transition from omni to veg. Don’t be afraid to try!

Made of Stars

Hi! I’m Ally, an Aussie mamma to 4 tiny vegans. At Made of Stars, I promote plant-based foods and support vegan parenting. I write about the joys and challenges of raising vegan children, and I post a regular series called: ‘My A-Z of Veganism’. My children have been vegan their whole lives, so I don’t have experience with transitioning a non-vegan child to a vegan diet and lifestyle. However, I believe in being honest with children within the bounds of an age-appropriate context. I have been a vegan for nearly 17 years. It is one of the best life decisions I have ever made. My vegan philosophy is intrinsically linked to who I am as a person. It informs and influences all facets of my life.

Vegetarian Mamma

Vegetarian Mamma shares recipes that are vegetarian and some vegan. Recipes are gluten free and often free of peanuts, tree nuts and dairy. We also dish on life as a family with multiple life threatening food allergies. Home of Gluten Free Fridays. When we stopped eating meat, we found it was easier to gradually start eating less and less “meat” focused meals. We started with 3 veg meals a week, the moved to all veggie breakfasts and lunches and before we knew it we were not consuming meat products anymore. For us it helped to make the change gradual and not cold turkey. Its been almost 10 years and I can’t imagine going back.

Organized Bites

I love to create vegetarian school lunches that are beautiful and well balanced. With an eye on my daughter’s future, I’m committed to using reusable containers, choosing organic products whenever possible, and to avoiding artificial colors and flavors. My advice to families just starting out on a vegan or vegetarian path, is to really see all of the wonderful whole food options there are to feast on. Don’t stock your freezer full of meat analogues (fake meats) that are heavily processed to ease the transition. Veggie burgers are fine once in a while, but there are too many wonderful recipes waiting for you to just settle for subbing soy crumbles in your old standby chili every time. Hit the library or the web, and delve into the work of Nava Atlas, Mollie Katzen, Robin Robertson, and Crescent Dragonwagon. Use your new passion as a springboard towards eating less processed foods, too. Check out your local farmers markets, and make it a point to try a new fruit or veg weekly or bi-monthly. Make your new lifestyle all about the new foods you’re bringing to the table, don’t make giving up meat the focus. If you make it fun, you’ll all enjoy the process.

Veggie K3ids

Veggie Kids is full of easy, nutritious plant-based meals the whole family will love. Whether you’re a raw foodist, vegan or a meat eater teetering on the edge of vegetarianism, you’ll find something to inspire you to lead a

Super Veggie Mom

Faster than a speeding couch potato! Able to leap the produce aisle in a single bound! Super Veggie Mom (formerly Motivated Mama) chronicles my efforts to raise a plant-strong, creative, and bright family while pursuing my own writing and fitness interests. Explore the variety out there and you won’t ever feel deprived. Pick up a vegetable you’ve never tried before and look up a recipe online. Check out a cookbook and try a new recipe each week. If you always have rice, try quinoa or barley. If you always use black beans, try pinto beans. Expand your spice cabinet–oftentimes, the same ingredients taste completely different just by changing a couple of the spices. Changing the way you’ve eaten your entire life can be a difficult transition, but after just a few weeks, I guarantee you will experience the many benefits and feel motivated to keep it up. The most common question I’m asked is, “What do you eat???” People focus on the lifestyle in terms of what we don’t eat, rather than what we do. I’ve found that I eat a far greater variety of food than many of my friends and family. When you stop relying on chicken and cheese to form the bulk of your diet, you discover a whole world of grains, spices, beans, nuts, seeds, and, of course, fruits and vegetables. The great misconception is that we live on iceberg lettuce salads and tofu. In reality, the food we eat is not merely healthier, it’s more varied than the average person’s.

Raising Veg Kids

RaisingVegKids is a blog for parents raising vegan/vegetarian kids that offers tips, advice and inspiration on veg pregnancies, baby showers, meal plans, holidays, vacations, recipes and much more. It also features guest posts from experts in the field. It’s the best decision a family can make– it’s based on responsibility, compassion, integrity and strength. As long as you’re doing it for reasons that you feel strongly about, then things will naturally fall into place. Don’t worry about what other people think, most people including doctors are still stuck in the past when it comes to nutrition. Be proud and excited to take on this important lifestyle for your family. Scour the internet and you’ll find tons and tons of vegan resources from food to personal care products to clothing. There are many amazing vegan family websites/blogs that offer valuable tips and resources on how to raise a healthy, compassionate vegan family, from how to have a healthy vegan pregnancy and vegan baby shower, to making vegan Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses, to handling birthday parties, field trips, doctors, teachers and more. You can find support and get advice from other veg parents. The most important thing you need to remember is that you are doing the right thing for your family!

Growing Up Veg

Vegan recipes for everyone, family-friendly ones included, egg & dairy free foods, kid-friendly activities, and parenting information. There are a few tips: find a friend or family who can “mentor” you (I’d be happy to help anyone with this), use the plethora of web resources online to obtain recipes and meal planning ideas, try out the 30 Day Vegan Challenge and join some facebook vegan parenting groups online. These resources biggest help to provide support and tips in transitioning your family. Hands down people always believe a vegan lifestyle is “too hard” to do. In reality, it simply is no more challenging than any well thought out dietary plan. In the time it takes you to drive to get fast food/order/eat it, you could have prepared a healthier quick, delicious and more affordable meal at home.

The Vegan Mom

I’m a Vegan mom of 2 amazing kids! I offer insight & inspiration for raising a Vegan family. Stop by my blog for support, advice, recipes, product reviews & more. Just do it. Don’t be afraid. Vegan living is the healthiest, happiest, most freeing way to live. Why waste one more minute not living this way? Also, stop by my blog of course.


Making eating fun for my 12 year old with vegetarian bento style lunches! Start small by finding recipes and dishes that your family likes and gradually replace meat dishes this way.  We love Quorn ready made products


Vegetarian, bento-inspired, child-friendly lunches.  This site is a compilation of Cora’s Lunches. Cora is a vivacious, playful, sensitive, active, pesco-vegetarian preschooler that eats a lot more of her lunch if its fun. She is a big fan of cheese and fruit but about once a week I can get her to eat some veg at lunchtime if I include it often (with ranch dressing). Her main sources of protein are dairy, hummus, egg, Quorn products and beans. Every once in awhile she eats a little fish, but her lunches are always vegetarian.

Clean and Lean with Lisa

I’m a single mom of two who has made the cross over to the vegan/vegetarian side. I live a healthy lifestyle through clean eating and exercising and use my blog to share fitness tips and healthy recipes with others.

A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows

My Celiac family consists of 4 gluten-free, high-raw, plant-based vegans. Blog includes: GF manufacturing facility confirmations, recipes, homeschooling, organic living, eliminating toxins in the home, coping with speciality diets while traveling & dining.


Helping women, moms and kids take steps towards healthier lives by sharing vegan recipes, homeopathic advice, “green” shopping tips and discussions on all things wellness! Surround yourself with lots of support, through books, magazines, joining different blogs, and liking such pages on Facebook. This way you are constantly getting new recipe ideas, health information and it starts to feel very normal. You will develop new healthier routines and not miss the old ones. When eating out, there is always something yummy to eat and it actually makes my life so much easier not having to spend lots of time reading over the menu and trying to decide what’s healthy.

Beautifully Bohemian

Dedicated to moms, Beautifully Bohemian provides love, inspiration, and solutions for the eco-friendly parent, including info on birthing, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering, plus vegan recipes, homeschooling tips, self-growth & more! You’ll find plenty of comfort food recipes, healthy recipes, and of course, delicious vegan desserts. Because at the end of the day, you should feel good about what you eat and how you feel, regardless of crazy schedules.


Kids book and movie reviews from a veg perspective. We love animals, the earth & healthy living! Created by a vegan mom with contributions from parents and educators. I became a vegan after being a vegetarian for a few years. But you don’t need to go that way. If it’s easiest to give up leather for other materials (synthetic, cotton, hemp), do that first. Or tackle your beauty routine, and choose vegan products that aren’t tested on animals. Or grab a great vegan cookbook (Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, or the Joy of Vegan Baking) and make eliminating eggs in your baking your first step toward veganism. Don’t worry about mistakes and don’t let anyone (vegan, vegetarian or omni) make you feel bad about your progress. Just take each choice as it comes and choose compassion. It’s a wonderful, life-affirming choice!. I had no idea that in the age of severe allergies, different dietary choices, and religious food preferences, the “birthday cake” dilemma is no big thing. In fact, the hardest part of raising a vegan kid is that whole raising a kid part. Veganism gives us a framework within which to consider decisions – which can actually simplify life!

fridge scrapings

Newly vegan… the most exciting journey I have tackled bar Motherhood, of course. My kitchen creations and hiccups along the way trying to feed my family fun and healthful food that keeps my conscience happy as well as my belly. Be responsible – eat REAL food that has had none/minimal processing, and get in an abundance of fruit & veggies. Supplement with Vitamin B12, and make sure to get out in the sun for the ever-vital Vitamin D. If you choose to eat dairy look for quality, local sources from happy, well looked after animals.

Dagmar’s Home

Dagmar blogs about motherhood, thrifty home decorating, DIY projects, and green & frugal living on her lifestyle blog Dagmar’s Home. She breaks for thrift stores and documents her adventures on Instagram.

Oh Mah Deehness!

Allergy Friendly Family Life – Recipes, Reading, Photography, and Adventures in Parenting (we’re vegetarians living in Las Vegas and my recipes avoid the top 8 allergens plus sesame and oats due to our children’s multiple food allergies). I think that you’ll want to start with foods and meal ideas that are normally meatless. I know that tofu simply did not taste appealing to me when I first phased meat out of my diet and it could easily discourage someone trying to make more compassionate choices. Some options: pasta with marinara sauce, bean tostadas, oven roasted veggies (cauliflower is my favorite roasted vegetable), or lentil curry with brown rice (use coconut milk to make it creamy). Have fun exploring new foods or even new cuisines for ideas!

Woman In Real Life: The Art of the Everyday

I am exploring the art in everyday domestic life. I quit my long-time communications job and work as a freelance writer from home. My blog examines the simple pleasures of family life, including yummy vegetarian food. Start by modifying your regular recipes (like tomato sauce and pizza) and build from there. I have built up my knowledge of vegetarian eating over almost 20 years, but I started off by just replacing meat with tofu, veggie burgers and beans. I’m a regular mom who just happens to be vegetarian. Yes, I care about animals, eat organic when possible and gave birth to my babies at home, but I’m also very sane…most of the time.

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