5 Vision Board Apps Reviewed

I am a huge proponent of writing down my goals and working towards them. Sometimes I scribble them in a notebook or on a piece of paper that I stuff in my purse. Other times I get fancy and create a vision board.

Vision boards are so much easier to make in the digital age. We don’t have to keep stacks and stacks of magazines around anymore, nor do we have to shuffle through drawers looking for the glue we bought six months ago for the kids. Now, we have apps and can create vision boards without all the mess, but with all of the old fashioned effectiveness.


I recently used five vision board apps I found in the App store. There are a few I like better than the others because of how well you can customize them.

VisionBoard by Happy Tapper


This is the first vision board I ever used. I first downloaded it early last year. I love that this app allows you to customize your board with photos that you take with your iPhone or iPad or upload from your photo library. You can also include five different sticky tabs to your board – three different post-it notes, a star, and a flower. Additionally, the VisionBoard allows you to add illustrated sayings created by artist Valentina. You can make vision boards for all areas of your life. by using pre-loaded ones or creating your own from scratch.

Abundance Pak: Vision Board


This honestly is one of my least favorite of the apps I reviewed. It allows you to create vision boards, but it doesn’t allow for a great deal of creativity. All you can do is add a photo and text. I didn’t like the background. For me, it’s not as visually as appealing as some of the others.

VisionBoard Collage


I loved the ability to make a collage on this vision board app. I am very creative so adding photos and texts is great. Plus I loved being able to resize and rotate the photos. The only downside is you can’t create other vision boards in this app. And if you can, I didn’t see it which is a flaw in itself. Other than that, the collage feature is great.

Vision Board by Volante Studio


There isn’t much to this vision board app. You can change the color of your board’s background, add photos and notes to your board and that’s pretty much it. I don’t like that the elements of your vision board are hard to see and you can’t rearrange your notes and photos as you wish.

Create Reality


I liked this app the least. You can add a photos, text as well as a sound clips to your boards, but everything is pre-loaded which really takes away customization of your board.

The two vision board apps I recommend are app 1 by Happy Tapper and app 3 the Vision Collage even though it doesn’t give you a lot of options to save or make additional collages.

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