Moms Work From Home To Stay At Home

There are many reasons moms want to work from home; mainly because you want to stay at home with your kids. You have a choice:

  1. Work for peanuts at cheap-paying online jobs.
  2. Start your own online business.

Why not start your own online business and stay in control?

WARNING: if you decide to do this you will be inundated with scams…be careful. Don’t start working online and be surprised to see the next great get-rich quick schemes filling your inbox. Moms are smarter than that and know how to hit the delete button.

Learn how to work from home part time

Start With Your Own Website

It’s not that difficult anymore with online giants like Google Blogger and WordPress offering free websites to get you started. But there are other organizations that not only provide you with a free website to get you started but also the training and immediate support to go with it.

Let me introduce you to my recommended free website builder. All you need is to choose your website name and create an account. The rest is done for you and you are then introduced to your Level 1 Certification training.

…and grab a coffee…there’s a Live Chat where you can ask questions, help others, or even chat about what’s happening with your kids. There’s always someone on to help and laugh.

What Will You Do With Your Website?

As moms, the main reason you likely want to stay home is to be with your kids plus make some extra income. Wealthy Affiliate will train you to do just that.

If you’ve ever wondered what you could possibly write about and even promote on your website why not go take a look at Amazon. Type in any kids products you would purchase and you’ve just found a product to promote.

  1. Have you found the best cloth diapers ever?
  2. Are safe baby strollers important? (The commission on these is really nice)
  3. Looking for great deals on electronics and games for your older kids?
  4. And the clothes…why pack up the kids and go to a crowded mall…buy online.

All of these are great examples of niches that you can use to create a website and begin your own online business. And that’s the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate…they provide the tools…you provide the passion!

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