Summer Grilling Recipes

30 of the Best Blogs for Summer Grilling Recipes

There has to be more to summer grilling than steaks, ribs, sausages and shrimp. Right?  There is a common misconception that grilled food is no-fuss, simple and boring. However, once you have seen the recipes in these 30 blogs, your entire perspective on summer grilling will change forever. So dig in, and learn how to become the best grill jockey in town.

Mixed Grill Combos

There are just too many great grilling recipes to cover, so as a bit of cheat, why not start off with the combos? Some recipes just naturally complement each other, which is why you should consider a set menu for your summer grill. If you want to put on a veritable feast and impress all your guests, take your pick from the prime choices in these five blogs.

For the Birds and Fishes

Chicken or shrimp, shrimp or chicken? These are the griller’s go-to choices for a summer barbecue. It’s almost as though no other fish or foul is good enough for the grill. What if someone was to tell you, however, that there’s a whole world of grilled bird and fish recipes just waiting to tantalize your taste-buds? Well, look no further, because these five blogs are going to open your eyes to an entirely new grilling experience.

Pork and Ribs

Pork is usually a favorite for any summer grill, but it doesn’t always get the respect that it deserves. It’s no good to just toss steaks and ribs on the grill without a care for the culinary craft that breathes new life into an otherwise uncomplicated meat. No, it’s time to think bigger, better and tastier. Spice up your pork and ribs with the mouth-watering recipes in these five blogs.

Meat Feasts

Anyone can grill a steak or burger, but you’re going to bring something a little more special to the table this summer. When your guests go home, they are going to dream of the meaty goodness that you served on that fine summer day from the humble garden grill. Forget about ground beef, steaks, onions and mustard, the recipes in these five blogs are out of this world.

Veggie Options

While it may not be obvious to those of the meat-eating persuasion, it is extremely insensitive to cook a vegetarian meal on the same grill that you used to cook meat. If you know that some of your guests are vegetarian or vegan, it’s wise to take steps to ensure that you are a gracious and considerate host. While contaminating your grill is a major no-no for vegetarians and vegans, offering a bland and unappetizing menu is almost as bad. Don’t let a lack of foresight ruin the day; take some inspiration from the recipes in these five blogs.

Serving Sauces and Sides

While you are busy preparing all your culinary delights on the grill, try not to forget that you will need some sauces and sides. You will want to compliment the dishes you have created while catering to all your guests, too. There are some great ideas for sauces and side dishes in these five blogs, which will act as the perfect accompaniment to your summer grill.

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