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Top 25 Family Blogs by Moms

25 Best Family Blogs by Mom Bloggers & Websites To Follow

There is an unending source of family blogs offering everything from teething advice to movie reviews on the latest Disney release, and narrowing them down to a well-curated list of sites to turn to when your child has just refinished your hardwood floors with nail polish may appear to be a daunting task. Fortunately for you, we have already done all of the hard work.

Are you a mom who blogs about family life? We’re looking for mom bloggers who share cherished moments, silly stories, and that focus on chronicling the stories of their family’s everyday life.

Six Pack Mom

For Sale: Master’s Degree in English Education, like new. Barely used by overworked, overcaffeinated mom of a bajillion (ok, six. SIX. SIX!) kids. You’ll laugh over the insanity. And feel much better about your own life. I have been a mom long before becoming a blogger, so I try my best to keep my family the top priority. Nearly all of my blog material is my day-to-day observations and interactions with my kids, but I try and stay “in the moment” with them rather than mentally composing blog material in my mind. I love blogging so much, because it’s the first creative outlet I’ve given myself in such a long time. It feels great to be doing something just for ME (though it’s all about the family anyway, so that’s ironic :). But at the same time, I’m trying to remind myself that the first reason I am home with the kids is to be HOME WITH THE KIDS. So I’ve been working on staying off my laptop & phone until most of the kids are settled in bed when possible.

Plus Size Mommy Memoirs

A blog to support and inspire plus size women before, during, and after pregnancy. I started the Plus Size Mommy Memoirs (PSMM) blog and Facebook page in April of 2011. I was just a mom who wanted to share my experience of being plus size and having a healthy pregnancy and natural childbirth. Now PSMM has become a community of over 115,000 women supporting one another before, during and after pregnancy. It has been a beautiful adventure but often requires more of my time than I’m able to give. Balancing my passion for helping others and my role not only as a mother but also a wife feels impossible at times.  My son started to say, “in a minute” when I’d ask him to do something. It broke my heart because I knew he was mimicking me. Without the love and support of my family I wouldn’t be able to be pursuing my dreams right now. So I’m learning to set boundaries, not always be connected to my phone, and no longer say “in a minute” when my son wants to make me lunch in his play kitchen.

Extreme Mom

Extreme Mom is my thought bubble on speakerphone. Matriarch extraordinaire of four extra-credit level children. Proud member of the Parental Special Forces. That’s like a Green Beret, but with more practical skills. Surprises like cards bearing I-love-you-ur-the-BEST-mommy scribbled in beautifully messy crayon, fistfuls of droopy dandelions and Frootloop necklaces have long been replaced with I-hate-you-everyone-else-gets-to-do-it and the notion that I cease to have a single firing brain cell and was born yesterday. Our home resembles Animal House and the only time the natives speak, the sentence begins with… Can I? or will you? I eagerly look forward to the sunny day when my wild offspring becoming human-like again- sometime in their early twenties (I’m told) and hopefully gift me with the Holy Grail… grandbabies.

This Mama Loves

Mom to 3, wife to 1, chaos is my middle name! Family friendly recipes, crafts, entertainment, toys, gadgets, parenting and more. When you see your child being kind, or generous, or choosing what’s right over what’s wrong. Their hugs and kisses, too! Family movie nights! We’re all offline and connected, in comfy pajamas with yummy snacks. I’m a 40 something lifestyle blogger living in Connecticut with my husband and our 3 kids, plus a whole lot of assorted indoor and outdoor pets. We love to travel, play games, watch movies, and be outside together! Having 3 active kids makes for a hectic schedule and I try to share content, recipes and other things that can help to make today’s busy family life simpler, easier, or just plain more fun!


Don’t ask me about my kids or I will Momopolize the conversation! may press the “publish” button on this blog, but it isn’t my blog. My wonderful, crazy, awesome, kooky family is the source for most of my material so I must give them credit. This is our blog. From oldest to youngest, my boys are : Jimmy (’96), Jake (’99), Eric (’02) and Greg (’04) They make our house very loud and chaotic but I wouldn’t change that for anything. Except maybe a few more minutes of peace and quiet here and there. And – before you ask – no, I’m not trying for “the girl.” I know what it’s like to be the only female in this house of testosterone. I wouldn’t do that to an innocent baby girl.

Pint-sized Treasures

Pint-sized Treasures focuses on encouraging moms on their journey of motherhood. There are posts on recipes, parenting tips, activities to do as a family, inspirational posts, pregnancy posts and more. Family comes first! Every Friday night our family plans a family fun night. We started this tradition five years ago. We all stay up late, eat special snacks, play games and just enjoy each other’s company. We end the night by everyone camping out in mom and dad’s bedroom. As the kids get older, it gets more squishy in our room — but it’s still fun! The most challenging thing is always trying to find balance. I want to keep my family top priority and at the same time work hard on my blog. In my heart I know that my kids and hubby should always come first. When I feel the blog is becoming too time-consuming, I take time away from the blog and re-focus. It’s always a struggle to find the right balance! The biggest blessing for me has definitely been watching three of my kids put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation from sin. Each of those three kids have chosen, of his or her own volition, to follow Jesus Christ and use his or her life for him. It makes all the sleepless nights, difficult pregnancies and hard work worth it all! Now those three kids truly have joy because they know the true and living God in a personal and real relationship.

Mom Does Reviews

Mom Does Reviews- the sweet stuff of life, provides you with honest reviews you can trust. You can also find great giveaways, parenting tips, home fashion, games, toys, fashion and more! Our favorite family Tradition is game night. Once a week, my hubby, 10 year old and I play a Wii game or board game. My husbands swears he hates games, but we are all laughing and having a great time once we get started.  I love being a mom and having a son that has grown up to be quite a little scholar and a gentleman. It is rewarding to know that I had something to do with it. He makes us proud. There is nothing worse than your child telling you that you spend more time on the computer than you do with him. I also work full time so it makes it that much harder.

Mary Tyler Mom

Mary Tyler Mom chronicles my life as a mother — a grieving mom, a pre-school mom, and, as of last month, an adoptive mom. There are highs and lows, tears and laughter, rants and cheers — a lot like motherhood itself.

Humble Writes Words

Hi, I am Humble. I am 29 years old and I have 5 kids. My favorite tradition doesn’t seem that big of a deal but I love sitting at the table for meals. When I moved out of my parent’s house, it was a big deal to me that we had our own dining table with a seat for each of us. There were four place settings. Our family grew by 2, we outgrew our table, and purchased another. Our new table seated all of us with a little room to spare. When my relationship with my then husband dissolved I placed his chair outside because I couldn’t stand to see an empty spot. I didn’t want any physical proof that there was anything missing in my family, and nothing broken. I brought the chair back inside when I met my now boyfriend. Our baby now sits in between his siblings. Every chair is filled and sitting at the table with my entire family, makes me glad. It’s the little things and the physical proof that my heart is in fact, full. Recently we decided that since the table is a little weathered from tiny hands and big spills, we should buy a new one. Maybe even one that could fit one more chair.

Chic Family Travels

We are traveling with our posh brood of 5 to find the top luxury family hotels and family vacation ideas for your own chic traveling family! he most challenging thing about being a blogger and a mom is working out of the house.  My computer station actually resides in the kitchen which is the world’s dumbest place for it to be. You will usually find 3 children surrounding me at my computer while I am trying to write for my blog.  I love them all dearly, but they NEVER give a moment of silence or solitude to write.  My favorite family tradition is going to our church’s Christmas Eve service, then attending the Point Clear Grand Hotel’s Christmas Eve party.  We live in Fairhope Alabama which is also home to the Grand Hotel. The “hotel”, as the locals call it, is also our country club. I love watching my children run around the “hotel” with their friends on Christmas Eve with excitement and anticipation of Santa coming the next morning.  I love listening to the carolers in the hotel lobby and the popping of champagne bottles. I also love the beautifully displayed Christmas appetizers, and all the Merry Christmas wishes and hugs from neighbors and friends.

Turn this Car Around

Snarky stories and opinions from a mom who believes it’s never too late for coffee and never too early for wine. Like Jessie Spano said, “There’s never any time!!!” I work a full time, 40+ hour per week job, just gave birth to my second child, have a two year old, am pursuing my MBA, and write my blog. Along with, you know, tons of other things. I find myself writing blog posts in my head throughout the day or making little cryptic notes to myself on my phone to remember to “write that”… but it is hard to balance it all. I wish there were 30 hours in a day most days…but then, who am I kidding, I’d probably just use the extra 6 to sleep. I think the most rewarding thing about being a mom is when you go into their room at night, and the kiddos are dead asleep after what maybe was a long and tiring and hard day…and you just look down at them and you’re like, “Yeah. I f*cking made that!” (Can I swear here? Oh well, just did.) Children are amazing little creatures.  We are a “young” family, so we are starting a new tradition this year that I am looking forward to – and that is, hosting Thanksgiving. I’m really hoping that I don’t burn the turkey. But I do know that I can make a kick-ass apple pie. And, I will be able to drink a whole bottle of wine since I don’t have to drive anywhere – woot!

Travel With Bender

We left Australia May 2012 with our 2 & 3 year old and have been travelling all over the world. That’s over 540 days of non-stop travel so far, with toddlers! We’d love you to join our travels, experience our highs & witness our lows. When my daughter was a baby we snuck into her room and covered it in streamers and balloons. To this day we still love to do it to both our kids, anywhere we are, hotels, home, cruise ships.  Unconditional love. Hugs. Kisses. Warmth. Silly smiles. Dripping noses. Sticky fingers. Little toes. Cuddles. Never being alone. Milestones. Birthdays. Receiving flowers. Receiving drawings. Playing dress-ups. Watching Disney movies. Shopping with them. Shopping for them. Travelling with them. Watching their wonder. Teaching them. Learning from them. Breathing with them. Smelling the roses. Becoming braver. Becoming a lioness. Becoming more forgiving, more loving, less selfish. Wanting to be better, become better, strive for better. Excuse to order chips. Reasons for my little belly & the scars that came with it. Knowing pride. Feeling love. Experiencing joy. I could definitely go on.

Happy Strong Home

Celebrating the seasons of parenting, natural living, travel with kids, home education, and crafts! Being a mom and a blogger, the most challenging part is balancing my work load, and making sure my children never EVER feel that I am choosing my blogging work over them. Even when we review toys and clothing for the boys, I try to keep the photography fun and upbeat and part of the play, or else discreetly take photos while they’re not paying attention. My boys come first! As a family with two small boys, we love to take day trips around our state. The short visits to local venues keep our days fresh and fun. Each year we go to a local orchard for apple picking, cider donuts and lunch – this is probably my favorite tradition so far! The unimaginable love that radiates back to me from my children. And how they inspire me to be my best self. Finding projects and activities for them keeps me on my toes and stretching my creativity!

Crazy Stepford Wives

Family life with a stay at home mom trying to disprove how perfect we’re supposed to be. I feel so blessed to be a stay at home mom that home schools my kids. This means I get to witness it all, everything from first steps to realizations in education. Each small or large thing is an amazing moment and it is so rewarding.  Time management, in order to keep up with both some days I sacrifice sleep. I’d rather stay up to 3am and get up again at 7 with the kids than miss time with them. I would have to say our family home evenings, the fact that every week we have time as a family that is focusing on our faith.

Baby Sideburns

Baby Sideburns

When I was pregnant I got a bump on my boob. Not a lump, a bump. I went to the doctor and found out what it was. A supernumerary nipple. Yup, a third nipple. Holy. Shit. It was at that moment that I knew I had to start a blog. Hi, I’m Karen Alpert, aka Baby Sideburns. I’m a mom who likes to wear fat pants and drink Hershey’s syrup straight from the bottle while I cook dinner every night. And by cook dinner, I mean nuke chicken nuggets in the microwave.

Africa’s Blog

First time co-mom to a 3 month old little girl. I blog over at Africa’s Blog reviewing (and giving away) high quality products for infants, toddlers, older kids and other fantastic products I think my readers could use in their lives. I would have to say that the most challenging thing is time management. I work a full time job, I blog – doing reviews & giveaways, I ref ice hockey games and most important of all I am a new mom!! I work my hardest to keep a good balance between all of these responsibilities, with my number 1 priority being my little girl. Being that we are first time moms to a little girl, who is currently 4 months old, we don’t have many traditions just yet. However, we cannot wait to start making them and already have some ideas for the upcoming holidays.  Every single morning I get to wake up and see a little girl look up at me, with a smile on her face. I absolutely love that!! Knowing that I am there to care for her, to feed her, to cloth her, to tend to all her needs, that is most rewarding for me, I love being a mom!!

From Meredith to Mommy

From Meredith to Mommy

I blog about the transformation to motherhood. Reflections and anecdotes to about the everyday changes and challenges in life that are involved from my move from teacher and wife to stay at home mom. Funny, sweet, a bit of it all! The most challenging thing about being both a blogger and a mom is balance. I’m in a constant balancing act. Motherhood is all consuming, but I want to find the time to write about it. I know that I need time for my husband and time for myself to be a good mom, but writing and blogging creeps into that time. I’m constantly striving to find the best way to balance kid time, husband time, me time, house time and writing time. There are never enough hours to be a great blogger and a great mom. Another place I need to find balance with is just how much I want to share. I know that I always want to write with honesty and integrity, so the balance is in what I share. I try hard to share stories that I wouldn’t mind anyone hearing at a party – no oversharing! – but that do give readers a glimpse into my REAL life as a mom. As my husband once told me when we were having one of those whose life is harder conversations, “your hours stink, but your reward is great”. The most rewarding thing about being a mom is experiencing the true love I have for my whole family. Do I love every single moment? Of course not. But the tough moments make the sweet ones that much sweeter.

Celeb Baby Laundry

Celeb Baby Laundry allows readers to get all their gossip on celeb moms while reading about my life as a mom to my 2-year-old daughter. I’m a stay-at-home mom that not only takes care of the kids and household duties, but also runs a business from home. My blog is my business.  A bloggers schedule is often not conducive to a child’s schedule. In my case, the most important time of day is the morning, however that is always the most demanding time of day as a mom. Not only does my little munchkin wake up full of energy and bouncing off the wall for mom’s attention, but it’s also breakfast time. I often feel like I’m juggling food in one hand and a mouse in the other. Learning how to balance working and being a stay-at-home is a thing I struggle with on a daily basis. There is a lot of guilt that comes from being a mom that runs a business from home. When I’m in a midst of something work related I will often be plagued with the nagging question, “Am I neglecting my little one”. I think that, “I could be reading to her now, playing with her, teaching her something new” etc. I know I need to work in order for my daughter to have a happy lifestyle, but I still feel guilty a lot. Then it comes to the housework. Finding the time to complete my work and take care of my daughter is somewhat achievable, but my house at the end of the day looks like a cyclone hit it. When do I find the time to clean the house? Usually, when Dada is home I get some time to get up and fix things or at the wee hours of the morning if I am not trying to catch up on work!


I started MommiFried as an outlet for my creative writing and to share my later-in-motherhood experiences with all women and parents. Just published The Mother of All Meltdowns, which pretty much sums up my life! I now have two under the age of two. It’s demanding, it’s crazy, it’s motherhood. I’m just glad I was able to publish my book “The Mother of All Meltdowns” (along with 29 fellow bloggers) before the baby was born. I’m still trying to find my groove – balancing work, blogging, being a mom, etc. I love having the entire family together under one roof and cooking up a storm. I also love our sleepover weekends when the grown kids come home and we spend the weekend watching movies, eating pizza, and being goofy. Seeing your happy and well-adjusted. You want nothing but the best for them and when they are happy, you’re happy.

The Unique Life of Mr.B

I blog about the JOY (struggles) of raising three boys, two of with special needs. The focus is mostly on my third (medically fragile) son but it also takes a close look at finding balance in Motherhood and the drive to stay positive. The reason that I write my blog (and the reason that I started writing the blog) is for therapy for myself. I started the blog so that I could start to process the gravity of the situation we were in with my son being critically ill (and my own health being in danger at the same time).  The other reason for the start of the blog was to keep friends and family ‘in the loop’ of what was happening. I had no desire to talk to anyone at the end of a 15 hour day in the NICU with my son. No desire to repeat our story over and over. No desire to have to take away any T-I-M-E from my little family to ‘chat’ on the phone. When my youngest son is in hospital I have time to blog when he is sleeping (as I’m there anyhow) but when he’s home all bets are off to how often I get around to doing a post (generally once a week). Time is always precious when you have children but when 2/3rds of your children have special needs, therapies, etc. then T-I-M-E is really at a premium. I find that the best time for me to write is late at night when the house is quiet and I’m finally alone with my thoughts. I continue to write the blog for therapy and for myself. The fact that others are taking T-I-M-E out of their own lives to read and follow our story is humbling and wonderful!

Balancing the Chaos

Balancing The Chaos

Balancing the Chaos is about our journey raising toddlers to kids. We share toddler friendly; kid friendly places, activities, products, events and things to do in Southern California. The most challenging thing is finding the balance. Being a mom is 24/7, so I try to devote as much time as I can to my kids whether at home, at their activities or volunteering in the classroom. Lately I’m blogging around 10pm or in the mornings at like 4am. Sleep? What’s that? My favorite family tradition has become Halloween. We’ve only started it two years ago, but we do a family dinner with the grandparents so they can see the kiddos and trick or treat after. This year we invited a friend and her family – an added bonus and a new tradition! Seeing those beautiful smiles every morning and knowing my husband and I are shaping them into the responsible, caring, beautiful individuals that they are.

The House of Hendrix

A Family Blog reflecting on beauty in the chaos, joy in the imperfection, and laughter with the tears. I love to create and am continuously inspired. I believe the thought behind a gift is more important than the gift itself. I like personal touches. I enjoy cookie dough and consequently running. My favorite conversations occur when somebody is vulnerable. I enjoy drinking a glass of wine with a friend, even though I don’t really like wine. I met my husband when I was 12 but fell in love with him after college. When God created him, He made my perfect complement. Together we want to live our life as a beautiful offering to God. We are the House of Hendrix.

Growing Home

Growing Home takes a holistic approach to homemaking and covers everything from motherhood, homeschooling, whole food cooking, crafting, gardening, and casting a biblical vision for future generations. Waking the kids up in the morning. I usually snuggle beside them for a few minutes while they tell me what their dream was and what they plan on doing for the day. Their cheeks are just so warm and kissable, and after a good rest, they’re usually in a great mood. It’s my favorite time of day.  Time-management! I don’t want to just write about being a Mom; I want to BE a great Mom. Sometimes my blog has to suffer so the other doesn’t.

Snarky Mommy

An irreverent look at parenthood from one sarcastic mom. Looking for a good read? Check out her books, YES MOMMY, OVER MY DEAD POTTY and BABY BUMPS. My kids are crazy for the Elf on the Shelf. That sneaky little bastard, named Diego Halsted in our house, has shown up in our blender, on the toilet, hanging off a gallon of milk in the fridge, dangling from a pendant light in our kitchen, and, my personal favorite, draped around a bottle of wine. The key is setting a calendar reminder to move the damn elf every night. Right now, the hardest part is saving the funny stuff my kids do and say for my books. People can’t stand reading recycled material in books, so it’s a struggle deciding what to write about as a one-off post and what to massage into a full-length narrative in a book. I just posted about this on Facebook the other day, but it’s definitely watching my kids play sports. I used to think there was no better feeling than hitting a home run myself, then I watched my son hit his first home run and I want bananas. There is nothing like watching your child succeed. Especially after you’ve stood on the sidelines in a cold rain freezing your ass off. Outdoor sports in Chicago: gotta love ’em.

Our Muddy Boots

LIVING! With Kids. Life does not end when parenthood begins, kids are awesome, LIVE with them! Attachment parenting support &child; advocacy. Trusting ourselves instead of the “experts” because we know our kids best and can be trusted! Tradition is not something that my family particularly values. I prioritized it for my entire existence- until I had kids, when I realized that I was choosing to do things because they were “tradition” rather than because we enjoyed them. Then fluidity and flexibility became more important to me. Now, we are committed to changing what does not work and doing things that make us happy. I would say that our favorite family tradition is not having the pressure of following tradition. Trying to keep the perspective of other moms in mind when writing. So often I re-read a piece that I have written and realize that I said something different than what I meant, or had not taken into account others’ life circumstances.

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